Gunnar Thorvaldsen (Norwegian Historical Data Centre)

Contact details:

Norwegian Historical Data Centre
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Tromsø
N 9037 Tromsø, Norway

Tel: + 47 776 44179

Fax: + 47 776 44182



Born in Norway, May 26, 1948, two children.

Professor at the Norwegian Historical Data Centre, University of Tromsø.

Languages: Scandinavian, English, some German, a little French.

Undergraduate subjects: English, sociology, pedagogics.

Graduated in social history from the University of Oslo, 1978.

Doctoral thesis: Migration in the province of Troms 1865-1900

Main research areas:

Norwegian and Swedish social history, particularly migration and mortality. Methodological work on record linkage and other computer-related methods. Member of a researchers team on the mortality decline at the Norwegian Academy of Science during the academic year 1998/99.

Selected publications:

"The Preservation of Computer Readable Records in the Nordic Countries". History & Computing 1992-3.

"The Encoding of Highly Structured Historical Sources". Computers and the Humanities, 28:1995.

"Making printed historical sources machine readable: Some experiences with Optical character recognition." History and Computing, 1993-2.

"Longitudinal Sources and Longitudinal Methods - Studying Migration at the Stockholm Historical Database", in Brändström and Tedebrand (ed) Swedish Urban Demography, Umeå University, 1995.

"Record Linkage on the Micro Computer", in Josef Smets (red) Histoire et Informatique, Montpellier, 1992.

"Rekruttering til seilskuteflåten fra Sandefjord." Heimen, 1993-3.

"Hvorfor dro vestfoldingene på hvalfangst i nord?". Heimen 1996/2.

"Using the Statistical Package SAS to Study Migration at the Stockholm Historical Data Base". I: Borodkin & Vladimirov (red): Historia, statistika, informatika. Russiskspråklig konferanserapport, Universitetet i Barnaul 1995.

"Migration in the Province of Troms". I Structures and Contingencies in Computerized Historical Research, Konferanserapport, Universitetet i Nijmegen 1996.

"Beyond Record Linkage: Longitudinal Analysis of Turn-of-the-century Interurban Swedish Migrants". History and Computing 1997. (With Roger Miller)

Positions of trust:

Board member, The Norwegian Historical Association

Board member, The International Association for History & Computing

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