Demonstration: Visualising the Life Course

The Steam Engine Makers' database contains a mass of information on the life histories of several thousand individual members. What we have tried to create here is a simulation of a system which enables users to 'drill down' from the union as a whole through the collective experience of members in a selected town to the histories of individual members. We hope to eventually construct a system involving 'live' interrogation of the actual database, but for now the system has been constructed using existing manually-drawn diagrams, and the options are limited.

For much more information about the Steam Engine Makers' Society, start here.

For more details of the members in Bolton, and particularly their migration histories, click on either the name 'Bolton' or the circle which marks the town's location. NB as you work through this demonstration, note that your mouse pointer should change shape when it is are above a point from which you can drill further down.