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South Coast Harbours 1698
report by Edmund Dummer and Thomas Wiltshaw

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chart features - Southampton and Solent

title cartouche
scroll cartouche
foliage cartouche
title cartouche snip image

The title cartouche is in scrolls of foliage, coloured red, blue, green and yellow; centre bottom is a bearded face. The title is:-
The River of Southampton wth: the Scituation of Bussleton Beauley & Lymington Rivers within the Isle of Wight
table of data
table of data snip image

Printed in the middle of the map is a table linking letters on the map to an explanation.
compass rose
up is NNW
The title cartouche contains:-

compass rose snip image

In the sea, The Solent, is a compass rose. This has four arrow pointers for the cardinal and half cardinal points coloured in red, pink, grey, blue and a yellow fleur de lys marking north. Up on the sheet is about NNW.
sea plain
sea snip image

The sea is uncoloured. Major sandbanks are marked and tinted pale brown, and some labelled with a letter keying to the table of particulars.

sea snip image

y - Bramble
x - Middle in Southampton River
z - Middle Grounds
The sands west of the Isle of Wight are shown but not named.
The coastal foreshore is drawn, between the tides? coloured pale brown. River channels are clearly drawn through these flats.

sea snip image

At Hurst Point there is a darker area which could be mistaken for the Shingles sandbank; it ?is a stain on the paper. Hurst Beach, pebbly, is indicated clearly.
Rocks on the foreshore are shown by scattered + signs; for example on the NW edge of the Isle of Wight.
Three large pillars off the island are labelled

sea snip image
a - Needles
sea marks
sea snip image

At the entrance to the River Meon where Titchfield Lake is marked, are drawn two features which could be taken to be marker posts for the channel.
coast appearance
The coast line is mostly a plain line with the foreshore as noted. Inland is tinted pale green. In places the coast appearance is drawn; low cliffs along the shore NW of Hurst for instance.

coast line snip image

and west of Calshot.
coastal defence
The coastal defence castles of the time of Henry VIII are drawn, castle wall, tower and a flag. Some are labelled:-

coastal defence snip image
m - Calshott Castle
g - Hurst Castle
Some are not, Netley castle and the castles in Yarmouth and West Cowes.
rivers snip image

River channels are clearly drawn through foreshore areas and inland. Rivers are not drawn above their estuary, and are not named, but can be identified from an adjacent settlement. Except:-
d - Newton Creeke
on the Isle of Wight is labelled, having no settlement.

bridges snip image

Bridges are drawn by a double line crossing the river at Beaulieu and Redbridge.
A pool is drawn at the boggy area of the River Meon's estuary at Titchfield Haven, labelled:-

rivers snip image
v - Titchfield Lake
lake in Hampshire is much used as a term for a river course.
hills snip image

Little relief is shown on the map except the clear distinction of sea/foreshore/land and the coast appearance of low cliffs. A few hillocks, some wooded, are drawn on the Isle of Wight, as navigation aids?
trees snip image

Trees are drawn in settlements, coloured emerald green, but other woods are not shown except on a ridge of hills on the island. The spit down to Hurst seems to be covered in bushes.
town walls
town gates
settlements snip image

Settlements along the coast are shown by clusters of little houses - look at these magnified, they are nicely done, the rooves tinted slate blue. The size of the cluster matches, sort of, the size of the place.

settlements snip image

Southampton has town walls, town gates at north and south, and two churches. Other villages and towns have a church drawn with tower or steeple - which seem mostly to match what is there now.
Most places are labelled by a letter keying to the table of particulars, qv.
salterns snip image

Salterns are shown by a series of rectangular ponds along the coastal land west of the Lymington River.

Collins 1693
Dummer 1698

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Southampton Water and the Solent as shown on charts by Greenvile Collins, 1693,
rotated by 24 degrees, and by Dummer and Wiltshaw 1698.

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Dummer and Wiltshaw's chart of Southampton Water and the Solent, 1698.
The coastline from Greenvile Collins' 1693 chart (rotated) has been added in red.

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Southampton &c., Hampshire
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South Coast Harbours 1698
report by Edmund Dummer and Thomas Wiltshaw

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