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South Coast Harbours 1698
report by Edmund Dummer and Thomas Wiltshaw

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Chart Features - Beaulieu

title cartouche
scroll cartouche
title cartouche snip image

Bottom centre of the map is a scroll cartouche with some acanthus leaf decoration, tinted in reds and greens. The map title is:-
Beauley. River
The title cartouche contains:-
scale line
A scale line:-
scale line snip image
A Scale of one Mile
with divisions at quarter miles. The 1 mile = 72.1mm; assuming a modern statute mile this gives a scale 1 to 22290; or, if a sea mile of 6082.95 feet, 1 to 25715. The map scale is about:-

   1 to 22000 to 1 to 25000
   2.5 or 3 inches to 1 mile
compass rose
up is NW
compass rose snip image

The map has a compass rose. There are four star points for the cardinal directions, tinted red/pink, and four more for the half cardinal directions, tinted grey/blue. North is marked by a yellow fleur de lys. Up on the sheet is NNW.
table of data
table of data snip image

There are tables at left and right at the bottom of the map, in plain rectangular cartouches. These explain letters used to mark some features of the map. Eg:-
b. Road to Lymington
sea plain
sea snip image

The sea is plain. The expanse of sandy or muddy flats across the river mouth is tinted sandy brown.
rivers snip image

The subject of the map is the Beaulieu River, which is drawn from its large bends seaward for about 7 miles inland. Various creeks are shown in the estuary mudflats and there is a series of meanders about 5-6 miles from the sea.

bridges snip image

At Beaulieu village a bridge is shown by a double line arching over the river. The river is tinted pale blue along its edge.
hills snip image

The land is tinted pale green with suggestions of low hills drawn in profile.
trees snip image

Trees are drawn sparingly over the land, but grouped closer in:-
d Part of the New Forest
which is clearly bounded by a line.
Trees are drawn in settlements, with a small wood SE of Beaulieu.
settlements snip image

Settlements are drawn by small buildings, roofs tinted grey. One place is marked by letter:-
house snip image
a. Ginns
which is a great house rather than a village.
A road is drawn by a double line, with a dotted line down the middle for the track itself, eastward from Beaulieu. It continues as a track, just the single dotted line, when it enters the New Forest. This is:-
roads snip image
c. Road to Southampton
This route crosses to Southampton over the Hythe Ferry. Another road is marked:-
b. Road to Lymington
on the west side of the village. But nothing of the road is drawn.

Collins 1693
Dummer 1698

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for Beaulieu, 1698
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Beaulieu River as shown on Collins' South Coast (1693), on Dummer's Southampton (1698), and on Dummer's Beaulieu (1698), respectively.

Dummer and Wiltshaw's chart of Beaulieu has details not shown in the chart by Greenvile Collins.

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Beaulieu, Hampshire
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South Coast Harbours 1698
report by Edmund Dummer and Thomas Wiltshaw

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