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Badeslade 1742
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These notes are made from a copy of the map of Hampshire by Thomas Badeslade, 1742. The map appears to be page 18 from an atlas. The map studied is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA1997.73.
map type: HantsMap & Badeslade 1742
The map size is: wxh, sheet = 18.5x16cm; wxh, plate = 156x157mm; wxh, map = 148x144mm.


map maker    

Printed at the top is:-
image snip from map

A Map of HAMPSHIRE South West from London
Printed at the bottom is:-
[T] Badeslade delin. / Publish'd by the Proprietor W H Toms Sept. 29. 1742. / W H Toms Sculpt

compass rose    

image snip from map

Cardinal and half cardinal points are marked; a fleur de lys marks north, letter E and a small cross marks east, letters S and W mark south and west.

scale line    

There is a scale line of 10 miles, chequered in miles, labelled:-
image snip from map

English Miles
The scale line is 10 miles = 21.4mm, assuming a modern mile the scale is about:-
1 to 750000 ?
12 miles to 1 inch
The maps scale can also be estimated from the positions of places. This has been done, using the '21' old market towns of the county, with the help software DISTTAB.exe.
From these calculations the map scale is about:-
1 to 870000
13.5 miles to 1 inch
Comparing the map's scale line gives:-
1 map mile = 1.17 statute mile

sea plain    
The sea is plain. At least one sea area is labelled:-

coast form lines    

image snip from map

Form lines are used on the coastline. The lines are continued into harbours and river mouths. Some coast features are labelled, eg:-
Hengistbury Head

coastal defence    

Some of the old coastal defence castles are shown, eg:-
image snip from map

Calshott Castle
Hurst Cast.
And there are fortifications around Portsmouth, whose symbols sports a flag.


Rivers are shown by broad wiggly lines, tapering inland, some are labelled, eg:-
image snip from map

Test R
And some are not too accurate, at the NE county boundary for instance, where the Blackwater is missing and the Loddon etc not well placed.
Bridges are implied where roads cross rivers, by the way the two are drawn. Two (?) other bridges are shown, at Redbridge, and perhaps over the Test near Eastleigh


image snip from map

Groups of knobbly hillocks indicate the hills west of Winchester to the Wiltshire border. Other high ground is not shown, except for Malwood Castle set on a hillock


Groups of little trees are used to indicate woods. Only the New Forest and East Beer Forest are shown; labelled:-
image snip from map

The New Forest
Bore Forest

image snip from map

The county boundary is a dotted line with heavy shading. The surrounding counties are labelled, and heavily pecked to make an ugly background.

A selection of settlements is shown on the map graded by different symbols; there is no table of symbols on the map.
city     circle, lots of buildings, label block caps, city, eg:-
image snip from map


A town or city might be marked by two asterisks, eg Andover, which probably denotes a borough returning two members to Parliament
town     circle, tower, buildings, variable size, label upright, town, eg:-
image snip from map


village     circle (no dot), label italic, village, eg:-

image snip from map


image snip from map

A selection of roads is indicated; at first glance these are the usual Ogilby selection.


The map has a panel of text:-
Hampshire contains 1. City, 11 Boroughs, 12 other Market Towns, 253 Parishes, & sends 26 Memebers to Parliament. Winchester is a City & Bishop: rick, sends 2 Members Mark et Wednes: & Sat: Fairs July 22 Oct. 13. 1st Monday in Lent. Andover Market Sat: Fairs May 1st Nov: 6. Friday before Midlent Sund: sends 2 Members Christ-church sends 2 Members. Fairs Oct: 7. Trinity Thursday Lymington Market Sat: Fairs May 1st. Sept: 21. sends 2 Membrs. Petersfield sends 2 Members Fairs June 29. Nov: 30. Portsmouth Market Thurs: & Sat: Fair July 1st. sends 2 Memb. Southampton Market Tuesd: & Frid: Fairs Apr. 25 Trinity Mond sends 2 Members. Stockbridge sends 2 Members Fairs June 29. Holy Thursday Whitchurch sends 2 Members Fairs Oct: 14. Witsun-Mond:
and continues for the Isle of Wight which is included on the map


There is a title page from the Badeslade atlas in the Map Collection:-
Chorographia Britanniae. A Set of MAPS of all the COUNTIES in ENGLAND and WALES: to which are prefix'd the following general Maps, viz. I. An Accurate Chart of the Sea Coast, exhibiting all the Royal Docks, Fortifications, Harbours, Sands &c. II. A Map of England and Wales, as divided into Counties, with the Names of the Cities and County Towns; and the Length, Breadth, and Superficial Content of the Whole, and each County separately. III. A Map of the great Roads from London, to all parts of South Britain; with Tables shewing the distance of each City, and Town upon the Road, from the Metropolis, both in Computed and Measured Miles. IV. A Map of all the Cross Roads, from one great Town to another, with the distances from Town to Town, both bby Computation and Measure. With the particular Map of each County; is an Accoutn of all the Cities, Boroughs, Market Towns, Parishes, and Rivers therein: the Number of Members it sends to Parliament, the Market and Fair days, and in those of Oxford and Cambridge, are the Names of all the Colleges, and Halls, in both Universities, with the Dates of their Foundations. To the Whole is added an Alphabetical Index, of all the Cities, Boroughs, & Market Towns, properly distinguish'd from eacah other, and in what County they are situate. This Collection (conveying a more comprehensive Idea of South Britain than anything hitherto publish'd) was first Drawn and compiled into a Pocket Book, by Order and for the Use of his late Majesty KING GEORGE i. By Thomas Badeslade Surveyor and Engineer, and now neatly Engraved by Will: Henry Toms. Printed for and Sold by W H Toms Engraver, in Union Court, near Hatton Garden, Holborn: 1742.


There is a dedication page from the Badeslade atlas in the Map Collection. This carries the coat of arms of Frederick, Prince of Wales:-
1st quarter are the arms of England, - gules three lions passant regardant or, impaling Scotland - or a lion rampant gules with a border flory counter flory,
2nd quarter the arms of France - azure three fleur de lys or,
3rd quarter the arms of Ireland, azure a harp or stringed agent,
4th quarter the arms of the Hanovers. The Hanoverian arms have three parts - tierced per pale and per chevron, i Brunswick, ii Luneberg, iii Westphalia, on which is superimposed an escutcheon of pretence of the arms of the office of ArchTreasurer for the Holy Roman Empire, which is not properly engraved in this instance.
Across the shield is a label, the mark of cadency for an eldest son. Frederick b1707 d1751, was eldest son of George II b1683, king from 1727, d1760. Frederick died before his father, his son was George III, b1738, king from 1760, d1820.
The dedication is:-
To his Royal Highness Frederick Prince of Wales &c. &c. &c. This WORK entitled Chorographia Britanniae: OR A set of Maps of all the Counties in England, and Wales. Is most humbly Inscribed by His Royal Highness's most Obedient Servants, Tho. Badeslade & Will. Henry Toms.

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