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This transcript is of the Hampshire parts of the manuscript journal, A Ride into the West, by John Byng, Viscount Torrington, August 1782. The manuscript is in Hampshire Record Office, call number 95M88/1.
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This and other rides are published:-
Byng, John & Adamson, D (ed): 1996: Rides Round Britain: Folio Society

The Journal

The journal is a set of manuscript pages bound, fairly recently, into a book. The title page has a scroll or strapwork oval cartouche:-
A Ride Into the West, August 1782.
above which is a coat of arms. This is slightly faded; the blazon is approximately:-
quarterly argent and sable, in the 1st a lion rampant or.
Throughout the journal prints, engravings, of places visited are pasted in. And three maps of the journey. The introductory passage begins:-
Tour Writing is the very Rage of the times; It is Selldom that I am in the fashion, but fashions change so quickly, that I am obliged, in their round, sometimes to find myself a Man of Mode. Every one now describes the Manners and Customs of every County through which they pass, ... ...
The journal is written day by day (a journal) divided by a small header of the date. The transcript here is cut up the same way; remember that parts out of Hampshire are missed. When the passages are written is sometimes unclear, read carefully to understand which part of the journey is being described at any one time. At the end is a tabulation of the places and distances travelled.
the writing is transcribed as well as I can. The use of capitals and punctuation is strange by todays practice; and it is awfully difficult to copy out 'wrong'! Being in a record office 50 miles away an easy opportunity to proof read the result is lacking, and, as yet, this is not done. The marginal notes are my own, for indexing, not John Byng's.


At the end of the journal, returned to London, there is a tabulation:-
August 1782 To What Places   County Miles
23d To Bagshot.   Surrey 27.
24th To Winchester.   Hants. 39.
25th To Ringwood.   Do. 28.
26th To Weymouth.   Dorsetsh. 40.
28th To Upway, Sandfoot      
  Castle, & c.     14.
29th A Ride.     6.
30th To Maiden Castle.     12.
31st On the Water.      
Septr. 1st To Wick, & c.     10.
2d To Upway.     8.
3d Round Portland Island.     14.
4th Regatta.      
5th A Ride.     12.
6th To Woodyats Inn.     36.
7th To Basingstoke.   Hants 47.
8th To Wooburn.   Bucks. 35.
9th To London.     28.
      Miles 356.

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