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These notes are made from a copy of Cary's New and Correct English Atlas by John Cary, 1787. The atlas studied is in the collection of Birmingham Central Library, call number AQ912.42.
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Cary, John: 1787: Cary's New and Correct English Atlas: (London)


CARY'S NEW and CORRECT ENGLISH ATLAS: BEING A New Set of County Maps FROM ACTUAL SURVEYS. EXHIBITING All the Direct & principal Cross Roads, Cities, Towns, and most considerable Villages, Parks, Rivers, NAVIGABLE CANALS &c. Preceeded by a General MAP of South Britain, SHEWING The Connexion of one Map with another. ALSO A General Description of each County, AND Directions for the junction of the Roads from one County to ANOTHER.
LONDON. Printed for JOHN CARY, Engraver, Map and Print-seller, the corner of Arundel Street, Strand. Published as the Act directs Septr. 1st. 1787.


The text pages for Hampshire are:-
IS a maritime county on the south coast of the Kingdom, which, during the Saxon heptarchy, belonged to the Kingdom of Wessex, is now included in the province of Canterbury, the diocese of Winchester, and the Western Circuit. Including the Isle of Wight, it is 55 miles long from North to South, 40 miles broad from East to West, and 220 in circumference. It contains 1540 square miles, or 985,600 acres, including also the Isle of Wight; divided into 39 hundreds, 250 parishes; one city, Winchester, which sends 2 members to parliament, and gives the title of Marquis to the Powlett family; and 20 market towns, viz. Southampton, which sends 2 members to parliament, and gives the title of Baron to the Fitzroy family; Portsmouth which sends 2 members to parliament, and gives the title of Earl to the Wallop family; Andover, which gives the title of Viscount to the family of Wallop; Christchurch, which sends 2 members to parliament; as does Stockbridge, Whitchurch, and Petersfield; with Newport, and Yarmouth, in the Isle of Wight; but the following market towns do not send representatives, viz. Basingstoke, Alresford, Alton, Fareham, Havant, Kingsclere, Odingham, Ringwood, Rumsey, and Waltham. Among the villages Titchfield gives the title of Marquis to the Bentinck family; Portchester the title of Baron to the Herbert family; and basing the title of Baron to the family of Powlett. ... This county sends 26 members to parliament, viz. 2 for the shire, and the others as expressed above; pays 14 parts of the land tax, and provides 960 men to the national militia. Its principal rivers are the Ithing or Alre, the Tees or Test, Anton, Avon, Stour, Wey, Loddon, and Auborn. It has the harbours of Spithead, Portsmouth, St Helen's, East Cowes, Hampton Water or Southampton Bay, Titchfield Bay, Langston and Hamble Haven, &c.; with a great number of points, headlands, isles, forts, castles, &c. This county has also New Forest, near 30 miles in circuit; Wulmer and 7 others; with a great number of parks, downs, &c. Its chief product is corn, cattle, pastures, wood, iron, wool, fish, and hops. It is noted for its honey, and the best bacon in the kingdom. It has manufactures of woollen; and contains extensive magazine of naval stores at Portsmouth. The air of this county is fertile and healthy, and abounds with extensive views and elegant villas; among which
The following are the most considerable
Ashley Lodge, near Fordingbridge.
Avington, near Alresford.
Bellevue, near Southampton.
Bestorn, New Forest.
Bortswood, near New Forest.
Bolderwood Lodge, New Forest.
Bramble Hill, near Fordingbridge.
Bramshill Park, near Heckfield
Burley Lodge, New Forest
Cadland Park upon the New Forest
Cannon Park, near Kingsclere
Chapman's Ford, near Winchester
Chilton Candover.
Dogmersfield, near Odiham
Dinny Lodge, New Forest
East Stretton.
Freemantle Park.
Grange, near Alresford
Hackwood Park, near Basingstoke
Havant Park
Headley Park, near Alton
Heckfield Park, near Odiham
High Cliff, near Christchurch
Holmeley, New Forest
Hursley Lodge, near Winchester
Iver Lodge, near Fordingbridge
Idesworth Park.
Mallwood Lodge, near West Minsted
New Park, New Forest
Polton's, near Rumsey
Ringfield Lodge, New Forest
Rotherfield, near Alton.
Southwick Park, near Fareham
North Stoneham, near Southampton
Red Rice, near Andover
Stratfield Saye Park, near Odiham
Stubbington, near Crofton
Sydmonton, near Kingsclere
Tilney Hall, near Odiham
Walbury, near Comb
Wulverton, near Winchester
The most remarkable Views and Situations are,
Portsdown, five miles North of Portsmouth.
West Lodge, in Bere Forest.
Ashley Down.
Nunwell Down.
The atlas includes a map 'South Britain' 1787.

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