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Gent Mag 1765
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Issues of The Gentleman's Magazine in the mid-late 18th century were searched for maps, in particular looking for a known strip road map with a section in Hampshire. The issues are bound volumes in the Library Collection of Hampshire CC Museum Service; regarded as 'wall paper' - I quote the librarian. Bound volumes include cover pages at the front and a supplement at the back of each annual volume.
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THE / Gentleman's Magazine, / AND / Historical Chronicle / VOLUME XXXV. / For the YEAR M.DCC.LXV. / PRODESSE & DELECTARE / E PLURIBUS UNUM. / By SYLVANUS URBAN, Gent. / LONDON: / Printed for D. HENRY and R. CAVE, at ST JOHN'S GATE.
This title is pretty constant through the volumes seen. About 1770 the printer was R. Baldwin, 47 Paternoster Row, but this reverts to Henry and Cave in 1771.
The page size of the magazine is about 13x21cm. Most of the maps found are larger, folded to be bound in.


The Gentleman's Magazine / ... / For January 1765. / CONTAINING / More in Quantity and greater Variety than any other Book of the Kind and price. / ... / With a very accurate Map of the Road from London to Chester, Measured from the Royal / Exchange, in which the exact Distance from Town to Town is set down; the post and / cross Roads pointed out; the Market Towns and Cities distinguished, and the principal / Villages adjoining the Road properly marked. / By SYLVANUS URBAN, Gent. / LONDON: Printed by D Henry, at St JOHN'S GATE.
Generally, each issue with a tipped-in map has a similar statement. July 1765 has:-
With a new and accurate Map of the Roads from London to Portsmouth, to Chichester, to / Southampton, and to Pool, and of the Road from Southampton to Winchester; in which the / exact Distance from Town is set down; the post and cross Roads pointed out; the Cities / and market Towns distinguished; and the principal Seats, Parks, and Villages adjoining the to / Road properly expressed.
The 1765 supplement makes it clear that 1765 is the start of this series of maps:-
WITH ... a large and accurate Map of the Road from / London to the Land's-End, in Cornwall; passing through Salisbury, Exeter, Plymouth, &c. / Comprising, likewsie, the Road from Exeter to Truro. -N.B. This is a part of a new / Sett of Maps, of the Roads, which will be continued till compleated.


Map were found in the following volumes (the search was restricted to road strip maps and canal maps). Each map has several roads on it, some are direct roads from London, some are branches off a direct road making another direct route, some are cross roads jooining town to town, etc. After a once each two months start the maps do not seem to have been issued very regularly. Issues from the 1760s to 1783 were searched.
January 1765    
London to Chester

March 1765    
London to Bristol
Chippenham to Bath
Beckington to Bath
Bristol to Bath
Bristol to Worcester

May 1765    
London to Dover
Canterbury to Dover
London to Rye
London to Hythe
Canterbury to Margate
Isle of Thanet
Ramsgate to Deal

July 1765    
London to Portsmouth
London to Chichester
London to Southampton
New Alresford to Poole
Southampton to Winchester

September 1765    
London to Aberystwyth
Shipston to Worcester
Bristol to Exeter

Supplement 1765    
London to Lands End
Exeter to Truro

April 1766    
London to Harwich
London to St Edmundsbury
London to Yarmouth

June 1766    
London to York

August 1766    
York to Berwick
Ferrybridge to Boroughbridge
York to Scarborough

October 1766    
London to Carlisle
Carlisle to Berwick

December 1766    
London to Flamborough Head
Pekirk to Boston
Lincoln to Boston

February 1769    
London to Cambridge &c

March 1770    
Banbury to Bridgnorth
Banbury to Campden

May 1770    
Abington to Monmouth

missing, not searched

Supplement 1774    
Ferrybridge to Barnard Castle
Ferrybridge to Wakefield
Stony Stratford to Derby
Loughborough to Nottingham
Nottingham to Grimsby

February 1775    
London to St David's

July 1775    
Andover to Barnstable
Barnstable to Truro

August 1775    
Meriden to Welshpool
Shrewsbury to Holywell
Shrewsbury to Chester
Chester to Holyhead

September 1775    
York to Chester
Manchester to Derby
York to Whitby
York to Lancaster

Supplement 1775    
Puckeridge to Norwich
Puckeridge to Kings Lynn
Oxford to Cambridge

1780 and 1782    
missing, not searched


map maker    
The maps mostly have no mention of map maker or engraver. The map for the supplement 1774 has:-
Thos. Bowen sculpt. Fleet street
And this occours on maps for February, August and September 1775. Thomas was the son of Emanuel Bowen. The maps are pretty consistent in style - though this could be from the instructions given by the editor or from copying - and might all be ascribed to a Bowen, perhaps Emanuel.


The canal maps appear in the issues around 1771-72. The two maps which concern Hampshire are listed below; other canal maps are ignored.
March 1772    
A PLAN / of the proposed / NAVIGABLE CANAL, / from ANDOVER to REDBRIDGE. / in the / COUNTY of SOUTHAMPTON. / Surveyd in 1770. / ... / J Lodge Sculp.

April 1778    
A PLAN of the Intended Navigable Canal from BASINGSTOKE in the County of Southampton, to the River Wey in the County of Surrey, / Surveyed in 1777.

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