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Lewis 1835

Map, hand coloured engraving, Hampshire and Isle of Wight, scale about 3 miles to 1 inch, drawn by R Creighton, 1835? engraved by J and C Walker, 1830s-40s.
The map is drawn to show electoral data, divisions and hundreds, places of elections and polling places, towns returning 1 and 2 members to Parliament.
map feature:-  hand coloured & (air twist border) & compass rose & scale line (chequered) & table of symbols & county & hundreds & settlements & electoral data
inscription:-  -on- top left HAMPSHIRE & ISLE OF WIGHT
scale line:-  7 miles = 53.2 mm
map type:-  HantsMap -- Lewis 1835
dimension:-  scale = 1 to 210000 ? (1 to 211756 from scale line assuming modern mile)

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MN: 5.1.2002