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Morden 1708

Map, engraving, Hampshire, scale about 7 miles to 1 inch, by Robert Morden, perhaps before 1693 issued 1701, engraved by Sutton Nicholls, included in Magna Britannia et Hibernia, Antiqua et Nova, published by Thomas Cox? about 1720-31.
This smaller county map by Morden was probably drawn before about 1693, intended for Camden's Britannia; it was rejected in favour of larger maps but issued by Morden 1701; this copy is the version improved by Herman Moll about 1708 after Morden's death, in particular adding the compass rose.
map feature:-  compass rose (very plain, fleur de lys for north, cross for east) & scale line (3, great middle and small miles) & lat and long scales & title cartouche (simple box) & coast shaded & county & hundreds & table of hundreds & rivers & parks & settlements & roads
inscription:-  printed -on- title cartouche HAMP = / SHIRE / by Robt. Morden.
inscription:-  printed -on- lower left Sutton Nicholls sculp.
scale line:-  10 miles = 38.4 mm (great miles)
scale line:-  10 miles = 36.2 mm (middle miles)
scale line:-  10 miles = 34.1 mm (small miles)
map type:-  HantsMap -- Morden 1708
dimension:-  scale = 1 to 450000 ? (average; 1 to 419100, 1 to 444570, 1 to 471948, from three scale lines wrongly assuming modern mile)
wxh, sheet = 332x224mm (was tipped in and folded)
wxh, plate = 169x209mm
wxh, map (to outer borders) = 167x206mm

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MN: 6.1.2002