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Saxton 1575
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Map, hand coloured copper plate engraving, Southamtoniae, ie Hampshire, scale about 4 miles to 1 inch, engraved by Leonard Terwoort, Antwerp, Netherlands, published by Christopher Saxton, map maker, London? about 1575.
The Old English Mile used by the map maker is 1.25 statute miles.
Published in the Atlas of England and Wales; it was usually issued in hand coloured form; measurements and notes made in the field were worked up later, with the help of earlier manuscript maps if available; Saxton almost certainly used the rudimentary triangulation techniques first described by the cartographer Frisius, Belgium, 1533.
Hills are drawn in profile to provide a general impression of the local topography, while named settlements are shown by a variety of symbols including a church with tower; rivers, coastline, some bridges, deer parks and woods are all included; the most obvious omission on Saxton's maps, to our eyes, are roads, which were not included on general county maps until the 1690s.
The map '... provides us with our first english example of accurate cartography': Colonel Close: 1930:: Hampshire Field Club.
Saxton's county maps were engraved by Ryther, Hogenberg, Reynolds, Terwoort and Scatter.
map feature:-  scale line & coat of arms (royal and family) & parks & settlements & ships & sea monsters & title cartouche & hand coloured
inscription:-  -on- Christophorus Saxton descripsit
inscription:-  -on- SOVT / HAMTONIAE / Comitus (preter Insulas / Vectis Jersey, et Garnsey / quoe sunt partes eiusdem / comitatus) cum suis undiq / confinibus Oppidis, pagis, / villis, et fluminibus, / vera descriptio
scale line:-  10 miles = 83.2 mm
map type:-  HantsMap -- Saxton 1575
dimension:-  wxh = 49.8x43.2cm
scale = 1 to 190000 ? (1 to 193431 from scale line wrongly assuming modern mile)
scale = 1 to 240000 ? (from town positions using DISTAB.exe)

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reference:-  Saxton, Christopher: 1579: Atlas of England and Wales (map taken from)
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images © Jean M Norgate 2004

town names:- 
Southamtoniae Hampshire
map name modern name
Aulton Alton
Andover Andover
Basingstoke Basingstoke
Bisshopswaltham Bishops Waltham
Christ Churche Christchurch
Faram Fareham
Gosport Gosport
Havant Havant
Kingesclere Kingsclere
Lemyngton Lymington
Alresford Alresford
Odiam Odiham
Petersfelde Petersfield
Portesmouth Portsmouth
Ringwood Ringwood
Rumsey Romsey
Southamton Southampton
Stockbridge Stockbridge
Whitchurche Whitchurch
Winchester Winchester

MN: 4.10.2001
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