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Norden 1607
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Map, Hamshire olim Pars Belgarum, county map of Hampshire, scale about 6 miles to 1 inch, by John Norden about 1595, version engraved by William Hole and published in Britannia, by William Camden, 6th Latin edition, about 1607.
The Old English Mile used by the map maker is 1.24 statute miles.
map feature:-  title cartouche & compass rose & scale line & swash lettering (outside county boundary) & table of symbols (settlements etc) & county & hundreds & table of hundreds & settlements & rivers & woods & forests & relief & hillocks & sea pecked & ships & sea monsters
scale line:-  10 miles = 66.4 mm
inscription:-  printed -on- map HAMSHIRE / OLIM PARS BELGARUM
inscription:-  printed -on- map (bottom right with scale line) Jo: Norden descripsit. WHole sculp
map type:-  HantsMap -- Norden 1607
dimension:-  wxh, plate = 326x295mm
wxh, map = 320x293mm
scale = 1 to 240000 ? (1 to 243371 from scale line assuming statute mile, wrongly)
scale = 1 to 380000 ? (from town positions using DISTAB.exe)

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reference:-  Camden: 1607: Britannia
Norgate, Martin & Norgate, Jean: 1997: Notes from Norden's Map of Hampshire: Hampshire CC Museums Service:: ISBN 1 85975 131 8
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images © Jean M Norgate 2004

town names:- 
Hamshire Hampshire
map name modern name
Alton Alton
Andover Andover
Basingstoke Basingstoke
Bvshwaltham Bishops Waltham
Christ. Church Christchurch
Fareham Fareham
Fordingbridg Fordingbridge
Gosport Gosport
Havant Havant
Kingsclere Kingsclere
Lymington Lymington
Alresford Alresford
Odgath Odiham
Petersfeild Petersfield
Portesmouth Portsmouth
Rvmsey Romsey
Southampton Southampton
Stokebridge Stockbridge
Whitchurch Whitchurch

MN: 11.7.2002
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