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Gent Mag 1770s
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Map, the proposed Navigable Canal from Andover to Redbridge, Hampshire, scale about 2 miles to 1 inch, engraved by J Lodge, surveyed 1770, published in the Gentleman's Magazine, February 1772.
Canal or river navigation running beside the River Anton and River Test, from Andover, via or near Stockbridge, Kings Somborne, Romsey to Redbridge, Southampton, Hampshire.
map feature:-  compass rose (simple, fleur de lys marks north) & scale line & relief & canals & rivers & bridges & settlements & title cartouche & table of distances
inscription:-  printed -on- map A PLAN / of the proposed / NAVIGABLE CANAL, / from / ANDOVER to REDBRIDGE. / in the / COUNTY of SOUTHAMPTON. / Surveyed in 1770. -- title cartouche
inscription:-  printed -on- bottom right J. Lodge Sculp.
inscription:-  printed -on- top right Gent. Mag. Feby. 1772
scale line:-  6 miles = 75.0 mm
map type:-  HantsMap -- Gent Mag 1770s
dimension:-  wxh, sheet = 37x19.5cm
wxh, plate = 355x180mm (?)
wxh, map = 343x168mm
scale = 1 to 130000 ? (1 to 128748 from scale line assuming modern mile)

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town names:- 
County of Southampton Hampshire
map name modern name
Andover Andover
Rumsey Romsey
Southampton Southampton
Stockbridge Stockbridge

MN: 4.10.2001
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