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Walker 1837 (?)

Title page, from a British Atlas of separate maps of counties of England, by J and C Walker, 1837, published by Longman, Rees and Co, Paternoster Row and by J and C Walker, Holborn, London, 1865.
inscription:-  printed -on- ... THIS BRITISH ATLAS / Comprising separate / Maps of every County in England / each Riding in Yorkshire and North and South Wales, / SHOWING THE ROADS, RAILWAYS, CANALS, PARKS, BOUNDARIES of BOROUGHS &c. / Compiled from the Maps of the / Board of Ordnance and other Trigonometrical Surveys, ... -- in variety of decorative typefaces
map type:-  HantsMap -- Walker 1837
dimension:-  wxh = 36.5x45cm

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MN: 8.1.1998