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Bowen 1767
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Title page, from Atlas Anglicanus or the Counties of South Britain, by the late Emanuel Bowen and by Thomas Bowen, 1767, published London, 1777.
inscription:-  printed -on- in a variety of decorative typefaces ATLAS ANGLICANUS, / Or a Complete Sett of Maps of the Counties of / SOUTH BRITAIN; / Divided into their respective / Hundreds, Wapentakes, wards, Rapes, Lathes &c. / Exhibiting the Cities, Boroughs, market Towns, Parishes & Principal Villages; with the / Number of Members returned to Parliament & the Market Days ...
inscription:-  printed -on- bottom Printed for T. Kitchin, No. 59, Holborn Hill. / & Andrew Dury, Dukes Court, St. Martins Lane
map type:-  HantsMap -- Bowen 1767
dimension:-  wxh = 27x41cm

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