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Keer 1605
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Title page, from Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain, England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described, by Peter Keer, 1605, scale about 16.5 miles to 1 inch, published by George Humble, the White Horse, Popeshead Alley, London, 1627.
3 other pages have a table of information about the counties, and the start of chapter 1.
map type:-  HantsMap -- Keer 1605
inscription:-  printed -on- England Wales Scotland / and Ireland Described / and Abridged With ye Historic / [Orl]ation Of things Worthy memory / from a farr Larger Voulume / Done by / John Speed / Anno / Cum privilegio / 1627 -- in a title cartouche between a Dane and a Norman warrior
inscription:-  printed -on- lower left And are to / bee sould by / George Humble / at ye Whithorse / in Popeshead / Alley
dimension:-  wxh = 15.5x10cm

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MN: 24.2.2000
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