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Ogilby 1675

Descriptive text, 25 pages, from a road book, Itinerarium Angliae, or Book of the Roads, probably by John Ogilby, describing all the roads mapped in England and Wales, about 1670s.
Each plate has a text describing the road, a table of distances, descriptions of turning to take and not to take, etc.
It is not clear whether this Ogilby's text, or another publisher's words, it is more likely the latter.
inscription:-  printed -on- TO THE / READER / ... / The Gentlemen may be pleased to take Notice, That besides Mr. Ogilby's / Book of Roads, they have also his Britannia, with the entire Descriptions of the / Cities, Principal Towns, remarkable Places, Ancient Monuments, &c. which / were not promised in the Proposals.
map feature:-  table of distances
map type:-  HantsMap -- Ogilby 1675
dimension:-  wxh = 24.5x38.5cm

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reference:-  Ogilby, John: 1675: Britannia; A Geographical and Historical Description of the Principal Roads thereof
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