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Map, Cyclist's Map of the County of Hampshire, with Isle of Wight, scale about 4 miles to 1 inch, published by George Philip and Son, London and Liverpool, Merseyside, about 1920s.
The map has main roads in brown on the black and white base; there are overprinted letters to show location of, C - consul of Cyclists Touring Club, H - hotel appointed and recommended by Cyclists, X - where machines may be repaired; and hills are marked with red arrows, single flight - Hills to be ridden down with caution, double flight - Break on, treble flight - Dangerous-Dismount; hotels are listed on the cover, marked as CT - coffee tavern, TH - temperance hotel.
map feature:-  colour printed (bw plus features in red etc) & scale line & lat and long scales & index grid & county & rivers & relief (hills specially marked for cyclists) & woods & forests & roads & railways & table of symbols & parks & folded (in stiff cover)
inscription:-  printed -on- cover PHILIPS' / CYCLISTS' MAP / OF / THE COUNTY OF / HAMPSHIRE / SHOWING THE / Main Roads distinctly Coloured, / Marking all Dangerous and other Hills, / Places where Machines can be Repaired, and / Towns in which Consuls of the C.T.C. reside. / REDUCED FROM THE ORDNANCE SURVEY. / MOUNTED 1/- ON CLOTH / GEORGE PHILIP & SON. / 32, FLEET STREET LONDON: AND LIVERPOOL.
dimension:-  scale = 1 to 251460 ? (approx)

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town names:- 
Hampshire Hampshire
map name modern name
Alton Alton
Andover Andover
Basingstoke Basingstoke
Bishops Waltham Bishops Waltham
Christchurch Christchurch
Fareham Fareham
Fordingbridge Fordingbridge
Gosport Gosport
Havant Havant
Kingsclere Kingsclere
Lymington Lymington
Alresford Alresford
Odiham Odiham
Petersfield Petersfield
Portsmouth Portsmouth
Ringwood Ringwood
Romsey Romsey
Southampton Southampton
Stockbridge Stockbridge
Whitchurch Whitchurch
Winchester Winchester

MN: 23.1.1998