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Lloyd 1573
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Map, copper plate engraving, Angliae Regni, Kingdom of England, with Wales, scale about 24 miles to 1 inch, authored by Humphrey Lloyd, Denbigh, Clwyd, drawn and engraved by Abraham Ortelius, Netherlands, 1573.
County boundaries are not shown, but Hampshire can be seen clearly in its setting of southern England.
The colouring is believed to be original; the text on the reverse is in Latin; the error in the numbering of the scale line puts this map as one of the first version; the reference book about Ortelius's maps gives the scale as 1 to 1150000; from the scale line the scale can be estimated as about 1 to 1360000, from measuring positions of half a dozen major towns on the map the scale is better estimated as 1 to 1520000, ranging from say 1 to 1.46 to 1.59 million.
map feature:-  picture frame border & title cartouche & strapwork cartouche & coat of arms (royal) & labelled borders & scale line (chequered, slanted lines indicating variation in scale at different latitudes) & sea pecked & ships & sea monsters & coast shaded & rivers & relief & hillocks & forests & country & settlements
inscription:-  printed -on- title cartouche ANGLIAE / REGNI FLO: / RENTISSIMI / NOVA DESCRIP: / TIO, AUCTORE / HUMFREDO / LHUYD DEN: / BYGIENSE / 1573 / Cum Privilego
inscription:-  -on- -- baroque cartouche and motif
inscription:-  printed -on- borders SEPTENTRIO. / ORIENS. / MERIDIES. / OCCIDENS.
inscription:-  printed -on- scale of miles 10 20 30 40 60 60 70 80 / Scala miliarum Anglicorum -- note the error in the numbers
scale line:-  80 miles = 97.0 mm (perhaps)
map type:-  HantsMap -- Lloyd 1573
dimension:-  scale = 1 to 1500000 ? (roughly, from position of a few towns)
scale = 1 to 1300000 ? (1 to 1327294 from scale line wrom=ngly assuming a statute mile)
wxh = plate
wxh, sheet folded = 27.5x43cm

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reference:-  van den Broecke, Marcel P R:: Ortelius Atlas Maps, an illustrated guide: HES Publishers
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images © Jean M Norgate 2004

town names:- 
Alton Hampshire
map name modern name
Alton Alton
Andover Andover
Basingstok Basingstoke
Waltham Bishops Waltham
Christeschurch Christchurch
Faranc Fareham
Fordy~gbridg Fordingbridge
Havant Havant
Kyngscler Kingsclere
Lenyngton Lymington
Alford Alresford
Odyham Odiham
Peterfeld Petersfield
Portesmouth Portsmouth
Ringwod Ringwood
Rumsay Romsey
South hampton Southampton
Stokbridg Stockbridge
Whytchurch Whitchurch
Wynchester Winchester

MN: 4.10.2001
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