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Map, Ancient Britain, South Sheet, scale about 10 miles to 1 inch, published by the Ordnance Survey, Chessington, Surrey, 1951.
Includes the major visible ancient monuments earlier then 1066; monuments are listed in a gazetteer, in alphabetical order by name - which should not be taken as a definitive name for the site.
Cover design by Arthur T Chester, about 1950.
inscription:-  printed -on- cover ANCIENT BRITAIN / SOUTH SHEET / A MAP OF THE MAJOR VISIBLE ANTIQUITIES / OF GREAT BRITAIN OLDER THAN A.D. 1066 / SCALE: 1/625,000 / (or about 10 Miles to One Inch) / ... -- a Stonehenge trilithon, black and red on cream
dimension:-  scale = 1 to 625000 ? (nominal)

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MN: 11.3.1998