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Map, One inch map Popular Edition, 4th edition, sheet 115, SE London and Sevenoaks, scale 1 mile to 1 inch, published by Ordnance Survey, 1920-25.
Cover design by Ellis Martin, about 1919.
Sold by Hugh Rees Ltd, 5 and 7 Regent Street, London.
inscription:-  print -on- cover 115 / ORDNANCE SURVEY / Contoured Map of / S.E. LONDON / and SEVENOAKS / Popular Edition, Mounted in Sections / Scale: 1 INCH to 1 MILE. Price 3/6 / ... -- dark red and black on buff, title in red, cyclist seated on hillside reading a map, bicycle on the grass, coat of arms, location map
dimension:-  scale = 1 to 63360 (nominal)

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MN: 10.8.1998