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Map, hand coloured engraving, New Map of France, scale about 26 miles to 1 inch, published by John Andrews, Piccadilly, London, 1793.
The map shows the new divisions of the country after re-organisation by the National Assembly; there is an inset plan of the environs of Paris.
The south coast of England is shown, including the coast of Hampshire.
map feature:-  hand coloured & lat and long grid & scale line & title cartouche (plain octagon) & coast form lines & rivers & settlements & roads & post roads & road distances
inscription:-  printed -on- title cartouche, pasted on sheet A NEW MAP / of / FRANCE / from / Astronomical Observations, / Divided with the New Division according to the / DECREES of the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY / into 83 Departments and Subdivided into 537 Districts, / on which are delineated all the / Post & direct Cross Roads, / with the Distances in Post from Town to Town, / by John Andrews / No. 211 facing Air Street Piccadilly / as the Act directs April 2d. 1793
scale line:-  90 miles = 87.8 mm (english miles)
dimension:-  scale = 1 to 1600000 ? (1 to 1649669 from scale line assuming modern mile)

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MN: 7.1.2002