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Tunnicliff 1791

Book, Topographical Survey of the Counties of Hants, Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall, by William Tunnicliff, Salisbury, Wiltshire, 1791.
Tunnicliff is not included in the Universal British Directory anywhere in Wiltshire, 1791-98; nor yet found in other early Wiltshire directories.
(the county maps are removed and cased separately).
inscription:-  printed -on- title page A TOPOGRAPHICAL / SURVEY / OF THE COUNTIES OF / HANTS, WILTS, DORSET, SOMERSET, / DEVON, AND CORNWALL, / Commonly called the WESTERN CIRCUIT. / CONTAINING / An accurate and comprehensive DESCRIPTION of all the / PRINCIPAL DIRECT AND CROSS ROADS / IN EACH RESPECTIVE COUNTY. / In which the Situations of all the TOWNS, VILLAGES, NOBLEMEN'S and / GENTLEMEN'S SEATS, NAVIGABLE RIVERS, CANALS, &c. upon and / in the Vicinity of each Road, are particularly expressed, and their relative / / Distances exactly ascertained. / EMBELLISHED WITH NEW AND ELEGANTLY ENGRAVED / MAPS of the several COUNTIES, taken from ACTUAL SURVEYS, And laid down with great ACCURACY on a large SCALE. / ALSO / A general MAP of the WESTERN CIRCUIT. / And many Hundreds of Elegant ENGRAVINGS of the / ARMS of the SUBSCRIBERS, / Arranged in a Manner entirely New, and neatly finished by an eminent Artist. / LIKEWISE COPIOUS AND COMPLETE / indexes of all the Roads, / Exhibiting at one View the several STAGES, PRINCIPAL INNS, FAIRS, / and other Objects of Note thereon. / TO WHICH ARE ADDED, / Accurate TABLES of the Distances from Town to Town, in each County, / ... / By WILLIAM TUNNICLIFF, / LAND-SURVEYOR. / SALISBURY: / ... / M,DCC,XCI.
inscription:-  printed -on- bookplate STET FORTUNA DOMUS -- lion rampant, motto
map type:-  HantsMap -- Tunnicliff 1791
dimension:-  wxh = 13.5x22cm

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