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Ogilby 1675

Reproduction atlas, road maps, small reproduction edition of Britannia volume 1, by John Ogilby, 1675, published by Alexander Duckham and Co, commemorating their 40th birthday, 1939.
inscription:-  printed -on- inside front cover I have long been intrigued by old maps, particularly the Ogilby / Road Maps. In later years I hunted for a complete / set of Ogilby's work. // At last I found a genuine and complete volume, which has given / me untold pleasure. ... // ... I hope this small scale but faithful reproduction / of the maps will pass on to you, in part, the great pleasure I / have derived from Ogilby's work. // On this, our 40th Birthday, I ask you to accept as a token of / goodwill, this copy of something so prized by myself. / ...
map type:-  HantsMap -- Ogilby 1675
dimension:-  wxh = 32x25cm

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MN: 5.8.1998