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Mogg 1814
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Strip map, road map, part of route London to Lymington, Lymington and Pennington, Hampshire, and London to Christchurch, Dorset, scale about 1 inch to 1 mile, probably published by E Mogg, London, 1814.
P.93 from mile 85, via Brockenhurst to about mile 91, Lymington, Lymington and Pennington, Hampshire.
P.94 from mile 93, via Sopley, Hampshire; to mile 100, Christchurch, Dorset.
map feature:-  title cartouche & north point & up is destination & coast form lines & rivers & canals & woods & forests & parks & settlements & inns & milestones & roads & turnpike roads & turnpike gates & distances from London & streets
inscription:-  printed -on- title cartouche at top London to Lymington
inscription:-  printed -on- title cartouche at top London to Christchurch
inscription:-  printed -on- bottom measured from Hyde Park Corner.
map type:-  HantsMap -- Mogg 1814
dimension:-  scale = 1 to 65000 ? (estimate)

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town names:- 
Lymington Hampshire
map name modern name
Lymington Lymington
town names:- 
Christchurch Hampshire
map name modern name
Christchurch Christchurch

MN: 4.10.2001
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