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Spencer 1772
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Book, the Complete English Traveller, or New Survey and Description of England and Wales, by Nathaniel Spencer, published by John Cooke, Shakespear's Head, Pater Noster Row, London, 1772.
(John Cooke was suspected of inventing authors to cover the work of hack writers, so do not assume that this author is real.)
The book beloged to Samuel Purdy, who coloured the plates, Basingstoke, Hampshire, 1772.
inscription:-  printed -on- title page THE / Complete English Traveller; / OR, / A NEW SURVEY and DESCRIPTION of / ENGLAND AND WALES. / CONTAINING / A full ACCOUNT of whatever is CURIOUS and ENTERTAINING / IN THE / Several COUNTIES of ENGLAND and WALES, / The ISLES of MAN, JERSEY, GUERNSEY, / And other ISLANDS adjoining to, and dependent on the CROWN of / GREAT BRITAIN; / ... / TO WHICH IS ADDED, / A Concise and Accurate DESCRIPTION of that Part of / GREAT BRITAIN called SCOTLAND. / ITS / ANCIENT and PRESENT STATE, ANTIQUITIES and NATURAL CURIOSITIES: / TOGETHER WITH / The MANNERS and CUSTOMS of the INHABITANTS, &C., / BY NATHANIEL SPENCER, Esq; / By the KING's Royal LICENCE and AUTHORITY. / ... / LONDON: Printed for J. COOKE, at Shakespear's-Head, in Pater-Noster-Row. / MDCCLXXII.
inscription:-  ms -on- sheet pasted inside front cover Samuel Purdy's / he Coloured the / PLATES, / at Basingstoke, in the / County of / HANTS, / A.D 1772.
map type:-  HantsMap -- Spencer 1772
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