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Arrowsmith 1814
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Map, thematic map, hand coloured engraving, the Diocese of Salisbury and the Diocese of Winchester, as 1535, scale about 6 miles to 1 inch, by Aaron Arrowsmith, London, 1814.
The map shows the Diocesis Sarum which includes much of Wiltshire and Berkshire, and the Diocesis Wintonensis which is much of Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Surrey and Guernsey.
The map is meant to show the state of the churches etc in the 26th year of the reign of Henry VIII; Henry VIII became king in 1509, in 1534 he became supreme head of the Church of England; in 1535 he appointed Thomas Cromwell as Vicar General, and he devised measures to bring the church directly under crown control.
map feature:-  up is N & lat and long scales & lat and long grid & table of symbols (abbreviations) & coast shaded & rivers & diocese & churches
inscription:-  printed -on- top Tabula _ Juxta Valorem Ecclesiasticum XXVIo. Henrici VIII. Institutum _ Geographica
inscription:-  printed -on- bottom A. Arrowsmith delin. A.D. MDCCCXIV.
map type:-  HantsMap -- Arrowsmith 1814
dimension:-  wxh, sheet = 50x42.5cm
wxh, map = 482x392mm
scale = 1 to 390000 ? (1 to 393945, from 1 degree longitude at 51 degree N = 178.2 mm)
scale = 1 to 390000 ? (1 to 394641 from town positions, Hampshire, using DISTTAB.exe)

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MN: 9.7.2003
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