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Hall 1820
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These notes are taken from a map of Hampshire engraved by Sidney Hall, published in Leigh's New Atlas of England and Wales, by Samuel Leigh, Strand, London, 1820. The map studied is in the Map Collection, Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA2001.93.
map type: HantsMap & Hall 1820
The map size is: wxh, sheet = 9x14cm; wxh, map = 73x121mm.


plain cartouche    
map maker    

Printed at the top in a plain cartouche, tinted yellow, is:-
image snip from map

Printed at the bottom, left and right:-
Pub. by S. Leigh, 18, Strand / Sidy. Hall. sculpt.

compass rose    
up is N    

image snip from map

Printed upper left is a compass rose; tinted red or pink, no circle, star points for the cardinal directions, lines for the half cardinal, North marked by a fleur de lys. The map is printed with North at the top of the page.

scale line    

image snip from map

Printed lower centre is a scale line of:-
English Miles
chequered in miles to 5 miles, then 5 then at 10 miles intervals, labelled at 5, 10, 20, 30. The 30 miles = 40.3 mm gives a scale 1 to 1198023; the map scale is about:-
1 to 120000
19 miles to 1 inch

sea area    
sea shaded    

The sea is shaded. Sea areas are not labelled.

coast line    
coast shaded    

image snip from map

The coast line is shaded more densely for emphasis, and tinted blue. The shading is continued into harbour areas; Southampton Water, Portsmouth Harbour, and Langstone Harbour, can be recognised, but are not labelled.


Rivers are drawn by wiggly lines tapering upstream. All the major rivers are shown, with a few tributaries. This is only a little map. A couple of rivers are labelled, eg:-
image snip from map

Auborn R.
Avon R.
Some bridges are labelled on the road network, eg:-
image snip from map

Red Br.
Ford Br. [Chandlersford?]
Cadnam Br.
These do not all have a stream to cross.

No relief is shown.

There are no tree symbols showing woods, but a couple of forests are labelled:-
New Forest
Bere Forest [East Bere Forest]

Parks are shown in outline with the interior pecked. If you look closely you can see fence palings on the outline. A few parks are labelled, eg:-
image snip from map

Hackwood Pk.
New Park [New Forest]
Chawton Park

image snip from map

The county boundary is a dotted line. The whole county area is tinted yellow - makes for a gaudy map. The boundary is tinted with a different colour for each adjacent county, which is labelled:-
DORSET [green]
WILTS [red/pink]
continuing with Berkshire green, Surrey bold yellow, and Sussex pink. The juxtaposition of yellow and yellow was not necessary.
A few places outwith the county are shown for continuity of roads.

electoral data    
distances from London    

Settlements are mostly marked by a circle, differentiated by style of lettering, and perhaps added symbols.
city     group of blocks; labelled in upright lowercase text:-
image snip from map

Winchester 65 [2 stars]

town     circle; labelled in upright lowercase text, eg:-
image snip from map

Andover 63 [2 stars]
Alton 47
SOUTHAMPTON 77 [2 stars]
marked by a group of blocks; labelled in upright block caps.

village     circle; labelled in italic lowercase text, eg:-
image snip from map

Mid Wallop

Borough towns are indicated by one or two stars, for the number of members sent to Parliament.
The number with the place name is its distance from London.

image snip from map

A network of roads is shown by double or single lines, for main or lesser roads. The main roads are:-
[London to Lands End] from Surrey, probably Bagshot; through Blackwater, Hartford Br., Basingstoke, Overton, Whitchurch, Andover, Mid Wallop, Hampshire; to Salisbury, Wiltshire and westward.
[London to Southampton Road] from Surrey, probably Bagshot; across a corner of Hampshire; through Farnham, Surrey; then Alton, Chawton, Alresford, Winchester to Southampton, Hampshire.
from Southampton across Red Br. then Cadnam and Ringwood, Hampshire; into Dorset, probably to Poole.
from Southampton through Bursledon, Titchfield, Fareham, Cosham, and Havant, Hampshire; into Sussex 'To Chichester'.
branch from Chawton on the London to Southampton Road, through Wickham and Fareham, to Gosport, Hampshire.
short branch from the London to Gosport Road, to Bishops Waltham, Hampshire.
[London to Portsmouth Road] from Surrey, probably Godalming; through Liphook, Petersfield, Horn Dean, and Cosham, to Portsmouth, Hampshire.
Mostly the road destinations outwith the county are not given, but see:-
To Chichester
on the road from Southampton. Other road are extended to Farnham, Salisbury, Newbury ...
Route diagram:-
see:- HAL4RTE.txt


image snip from map

Canals are shown by a bold curvy line, but are not labelled. It is possible to recognise the Andover Canal and Basingstoke Canal.

Along some roads inns are labelled, eg:-
image snip from map

Anchor Inn [between Chawton and Alresford]
George Inn [N of West Meon]
Raven Inn [between Hartford Bridge and Basingstoke]
Hart Inn [between Hartford Bridge and Basingstoke]

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