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Norden 1607
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Map, Hamshire, ie Hampshire, scale about 6 miles to 1 inch, by John Norden, London, engraved by W Hole, 1607; published 1607-1637.

Published in 'Britannia, sive florentissimorum Regnorum Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae, & Insularum adiacentium ex intima antiquitate Chorographica descriptio: Nunc postremo recognita, plurimus locis magna accessione adaucta, & Chartis Chorographicis illustrata. Gulielmo Camdeno Authore. Londini, Impensis Georgii Bishop & Ioannis Norton, M.D.CVII.' ie 1607.
The map is derived from a drawing made about 1595 for Norden's projected 'Speculum Britanniae' a Mirror of Britain whose patronage failed, and with it the project. The original drawing was engraved earlier and possibly published but is only known from later states published by Stent and by Overton; see Norden 1595.
The 1607 geography is the 6th and last Latin edition of Camden's Britannia, the first with county maps although he considered maps as early as 1589; the maps have Latin text on the reverse, Hampshire has pages 187-188; the geography has an illustrated title page, and has a map of England in the Heptarchy; its size is 8 1/4 x 12 1/2 ins.

Published in 'Britain, Or A Chorographicall Description of the most flourishing Kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Ilands adioyning, out of the depth of Antiquitie: Beautified with mappes of the severall Shires of England: Written first in Latine by William Camden ... Translated newly into English by Philemon Holland ... Finally, revised, amended, and enlarged with sundry Additions by the said Author. Londini. Impensis Georgii Bishop & Ioannis Norton, M.DC.X.' ie 1610.
The maps in the 1610 atlas are the same as in the 1607 edition of Camden, but there is no text on the reverse; this is the first English edition of Camden.

Published in 'Britain or a chorographicall description of England ... translated ... by P. Holland ... London. Printed by F. K. R. Y. and I. L. for Andrew Heb, 1637.'
In the 1637 atlas the worn plates might be retouched, and some, including Hampshire, now have plate numbers.
A crib to printings - 1607 latin text pages 187/188 on reverse, no plate number; 1610 plain reverse, no plate number; from 1637 plate number.
scale line:-  scale line image 
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example:-  map -- HMCMS:FA1996.22
map feature:-  title cartouche & compass rose & scale line & swash lettering (outside county boundary) & table of symbols (settlements etc) & county & hundreds & table of hundreds & settlements & rivers & woods & forests & relief & hillocks & sea pecked & ships & sea monsters
scale line:-  10 miles = 66.4 mm
inscription:-  printed -- map HAMSHIRE / OLIM PARS BELGARUM
inscription:-  printed -- map (bottom right with scale line) Jo: Norden descripsit. WHole sculp
map type:-  HantsMap -- Norden 1607
dimension:-  wxh, plate = 326x295mm
wxh, map = 320x293mm
scale = 1 to 240000 ? (1 to 243371 from scale line assuming statute mile, wrongly)
scale = 1 to 380000 ? (from town positions using DISTAB.exe)

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reference:-  Camden, William: 1607: Britannia: Bishop, George & Norton, John (London)
Camden, William & Holland, Philemon (trans): 1610: Britain
Camden, William & Holland, Philemon (trans): 1637: Britain: Heb, Andrew (London)
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