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Bowen 1720
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Road book, Britannia Depicta Or Ogilby Improv'd, including road strip maps with sections in Hampshire, scale about 2 miles to 1 inch, derived from maps by Ogilby, 1675, and a county map of Hampshire, scale about 11 miles to 1 inch, with text by John Owen, by Emanuel Bowen, London, 1720; published 1720-64.

Published in 'Britannia Depicta Or Ogilby Improv'd; Being a Correct Coppy of Mr. Ogilby's Actual Survey of all ye Direct & Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales: Wherein are exactly Delineated & Engraven, All ye Cities, Towns, Villages, Churches, Seats &c. scituate on or near the Roads, with their respective Distances in Measured and Computed Miles. And to render this Work universally Usefull & agreeable, [beyond any of it's kind] are added in a clear & most Compendious Method.'
'1, A full & particular Description & Account of all the Cities, Borough-Towns, Towns-Corporate &c. their Arms, Antiquity, Charters, Privileges, Trade, Rarities, &c. with suitable Remarks on all places of Note drawn from the best Historians and Antiquaries. By Jno. Owen of the Midd: Temple Gent.'
'2, The Arms of the Peers of this Realm who derive their Titles from Places lying on, or near the Roads.'
'3, The Arms of all ye Bishopricks & Deaneries, their foundation, Extent, Yearly-Value, Number of Parishes &c.'
'4, The Arms, & a succint Account of both Universities & their respective Colleges, their foundations Fellowships &c.'
'Lastly Particular & Correct Maps of all ye Counties of South Britain; with a Summary description of each County, it's Circumference, Number of Acres, Boro' & Market Towns & Parishes, Air, Soil, Com~odities, Manufactures & what each Pays in ye 2sh. Aid &c. The Whole for its Compendious Variety & Exactness, preferable to all other Books of Roads hitherto Published or Proposed; and calculated not only for the direction of the Traveller [as they are] but the general use of the Gentleman and Tradesman. By Eman: Bowen Engraver London Printed for, & Sold by Tho: Bowles Print & Map Seller next ye Chapter House in St. Pauls Church-Yard & Em. Bowen next ye King of Spain in S: Katherines. 1720.'
The road book has a title page and two pages of text; its size is 4 5/8 x 7 1/8 ins; the maps are two sided; as well as strip maps there are maps of each county.
The pages which concern Hampshire are iv, 60, 61, 62, 73, 78, 96, 97, 129, 130, 135, 216, 217, 223, 262, 263, 264.
p.iv coat of arms and text, Bishoprick of Winchester
p.60 Road from London to the Lands End; London to Blackwater; coat of arms and text for Whitchurch; etc.
p.61 the Road from London to the Lands End continued; Blackwater, Hartley Row, Basingstoke, Whitchurch, Andover; text for Basingstoke; etc.
p.62 the Road from London to the Lands End continued; Andover, Middle Wallop, west; etc
p.73 Road from London to Portsmouth; Liphook; Petersfield, Horndean, Cosham, Portsmouth; coat of arms and text for Portsmouth; text for Portsea Island.
p.78 part of the Road from London to Barnstable, etc; Andover, Monxton, west; coat of arms and text for Andover; etc
p.96 Road from London to Chichester; coat of arms and text for Petersfield; etc.
p.97 branch road Petersfield to Winchester; coat of arms for Winchester; coat of arms for Deanery of Winchester; coat of arms for Charles Paulet, Marquis of Winchester.
p.129 Road from London to Southampton; Rushmoor area; Bentley, Alton, New Alresford; text for Alton; part of text for Southampton.
p.130 road from London to Southampton; New Alresford to Southampton; Southampton to Romsey, west; coat of arms and part of text for Southampton; text for New Alresford; coat of arms and text for Charles Fitzroy, Duke of Cleveland and Southampton.
p.135 part of Road from London to Weymouth; Basingstoke, Sutton, Stockbridge, Broughton, East Dean; coat of arms and text for Stockbridge; etc.
p.216 part of Road from Oxford to Chichester; Kingsclere; etc.
p.217 part of Road from Oxford to Chichester; Basingstoke, Alton, Petersfield, east; text for Alton; etc.
p.223 part of the Road from Oxford to Salisbury; tiny part of Hampshire near North Tidworth; etc.
p.262 Road from London to Poole, introduction; Map of Hampshire, and text.
p.263 branch route New Alresford, Winchester, Romsey, Ringwood, east; coat of arms and text for Lymington; text for Romsey; text for Malwood Castle; text for Ringwood.
p.264 branch routes; part of Hampshire etc; Christchurch, Lymington; Southampton to Winchester; coat of arms of Christchurch; coat of arms of Deanery of Christchurch; text for New Forest.
There were corrections to some maps soon after publication, ie in 1720, for instance: pl.130 quotation marks are added to the left end of the description at the foot of the page; pl.262 heading 'See Page 129' added the right mileage column relating to Castle Malwood.

Published in editions 1720, about 1722, 1723, 1724, 1730, 1731, 1734, 1736, 1749, 1751, 1753, 1759, 1764, after 1764.
By 1759 nearly every plate has some sort of correction, but in the main the plates are the same for all editions.
NB: the county map has a scale line; the road strip maps have only the mile marks on the roads.
scale line:-  scale line image 
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example:-  strip map (p.61/62) -- HMCMS:FA1996.35
map feature:-  county & settlements & rivers & trees & forests & relief & hillocks & bridges & roads & compass rose & coat of arms
map type:-  HantsMap -- Bowen 1720
dimension:-  wxh, sheet = 12x18.5cm
scale = 1 to 140000 ? (estimated from marked road distances assuming statute mile)

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reference:-  Bowen, Emanuel & Owen, John: 1720 & 1721 & 1723: Britannia Depicta & Ogilby Improved: Bowen, Emanuel & Bowles, Thomas (London)
Bowen, Emanuel & Owen, John: 1724 & 1731: Britannia Depicta & Ogilby Improved: Bowles, Thomas & Bowles, J (London)
Bowen, Emanuel & Owen, John: 1736 & 1751 & 1753 & 1759: Britannia Depicta & Ogilby Improved: Bowles, Thomas (London)
Bowen, Emanuel & Owen, John: 1764: Britannia Depicta & Ogilby Improved: Bowles, Carington (London)
Bowen, Emanuel: 1970 (facsimile) & 1720 (source): Britannia Depicta & Ogilby Improved: Graham, Frank (6 Queens Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne):: good introductory essay by J B Harley
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button  HMCMS:FA1996.35 -- strip map (p.61/62)
button  HMCMS:FA1996.36 -- strip map (p.77/78)
button  HMCMS:FA1996.37 -- strip map (p.129/130)
button  HMCMS:FA1996.38 -- strip map (p.135)
button  HMCMS:FA1997.6 -- strip map (p.262)
button  HMCMS:FA1997.96 -- strip map (p.263/264)
button  HMCMS:FA1998.18 -- title page
button  HMCMS:FA1998.93 -- book binding
button  HMCMS:FA1998.168 -- strip map (p.129/130)
button  HMCMS:FA1998.207 -- strip map (p.135/136)
button  HMCMS:FA1998.208 -- strip map (p.61/62)
button  HMCMS:FA1999.6 -- strip map (p.59/60)
button  HMCMS:FA1999.7 -- strip map (p.73)
button  HMCMS:FA1999.8 -- strip map (p.96)
button  HMCMS:FA1999.9 -- strip map (p.97)
button  HMCMS:FA1999.10 -- strip map (p.215/216)
button  HMCMS:FA1999.11 -- strip map (p.217)
button  HMCMS:FA1999.12 -- strip map (p.223)
button  HMCMS:FA1999.98 -- strip map (p.263/264)

MN: 18.6.2001
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