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Bowen 1772
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New and Accurate Map of England, with Wales, scale about 47 miles to 1 inch, by Thomas Bowen, for the Complete English Traveller, published by John Cooke, London, 1772.

Published in the Complete English Traveller, written by Nathaniel Spencer, published by John Cooke, Shakespear's Head, Pater Noster Row, London, 1772.
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example:-  map -- HMCMS:B2002.84.2
map feature:-  not coloured & title cartouche & monumental cartouche & north point & scale line & lat and long scales & sea plain & coast shaded & table of symbols & county & settlements & roads & post roads
inscription:-  printed -- top Engraved for The Complete English Traveller.
inscription:-  printed -- monumental cartouche, upper right A New and / Accurate MAP of / ENGLAND / By T. Bowen.
inscription:-  printed -- above scale line British Statue Miles
scale line:-  60 miles = 32.1 mm
map type:-  HantsMap -- Bowen 1772
dimension:-  wxh, sheet = 24.5x37cm
wxh, map = 223x323mm
scale = 1 to 3000000 ? (1 to 3008120 from scale line assuming a statute mile)

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reference:-  Spencer, Nathaniel: 1772: Complete English Traveller: Cooke, John (London)
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MN: 20.10.2002
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