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Bowes 1590
Map, on a playing card, ?Hampshire, by William Bowes, probably engraved by Augustine Ryther, issued 1590.

Published on one of 4 sheets for the whole pack of cards, 'W. B. invent. 1590.'
The map is copied from the general map of England and Wales in Saxton's atlas; it shows the county boundary, principal towns, rivers, hills, and woods. The towns etc are marked by their initial letter plus a mark for their type - a cross above for a bishopric or city, a dot above for a princely palace,alone for a castle, a following decimal point (above the line) for a market town, a following stop for other principal places.
Only 3 sets of these cards are known, Schreiber Collection, BM, Royal Geographical Society, and in a private collection (Skelton 1970).
A further version of the card was issued about 1605, with much more educational material to be memorised. (This exists in proof state in the BM).

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MN: 20.8.2001
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