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Miller 1810
Map, Hampshire, scale about 20 miles to 1 inch, by R Miller, London, 1810; published 1810-25.

Published, plate 36, in 'MILLER'S new Miniature Atlas containing a complete set of County Maps, in which are CAREFULLY DELINEATED All the Principal Direct & Cross Roads Cities, Towns, Villages, Parks, Seats, Rivers & Navigable Canals. with a General map of ENGLAND & WALES. / LONDON PUBLISHED BY R. MILLER, 24, Old Fish Street St. Pauls.' 1810.
The atlas has title page, index, 56 maps; at the end are advertisements for books, etc; the atlas size is 3 1/2 x 5 3/8 ins.

Published in a renamed edition, 'Darton's New Miniature Atlas ... London: Published by William Darton, 58, Holborn Hill ...' 1820.
The atlas size is 3 1/2 x 6 ins.
There was a further edition 1825.
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reference:-  Miller, R: 1810: Miller's New Miniature Atlas: (London)
Miller, R: 1820: Darton's New Miniature Atlas: Darton, William (London)
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