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Ptolemy 1578
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Map, British Isles from Ptolemy's data, by Gerhard Mercator, 1578.
The geographical data, a world gazetteer 'Geographia', was compiled by Claudius Ptolemy and later used by various cartographers to draw maps, often referred to as Ptolemy maps. Gerhard Mercator, much of whose life was concerned with revising Ptolemy's data, produced this map in 1578.

Published in further editions 1584, 1605, 1618-19; the plate was altered and published in a 2nd state 1695 to 1704; and in a 3rd state 1730.
Hampshire places, roughly, seem to be:- Magnus portus; Venta.

example:-  map -- private collection (17)
map feature:-  strapwork cartouche (not title) & up is N & lat and long scales & index grid & sea pecked & sea monsters & coast shaded & rivers & tribal areas & settlements
inscription:-  printed -- top EUROPAE .I. TAB: -- 'Europe Map 1'
inscription:-  printed -- cartouche Medius meridianus / 20, reliqui ad eum incli: / nantur ratione 54 & / 60 parallelorum
map type:-  HantsMap -- Ptolemy 1578
dimension:-  wxh, map = 408x336mm

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reference:-  Mercator, Gerhard: 1578: Tabulae Geographicae Cl. Ptolemaei ad mentem autoris restitutae et emendatae Per Gerardum Mercatorem: (Cologne, Germany)
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MN: 7.11.2002
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