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Reynolds 1860
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Geological map, Hampshire, scale about 8 miles to 1 inch, coloured from a map engraved by John Emslie, published by James Reynolds, 174 Strand, London, 1848, published 1860; published 1860-64.

Published in 'Reynolds's Geological Atlas of Great Britain, comprising a series of Maps in which the Roads, Railways, and geological features of England and wales are accurately laid down: with a Geological Map of Scotland ... London: Published by James Reynolds, 174, Strand, 1860.
The underlying map is from the plate engraved for Reynolds's map, 1848.
The atlas has title page, list of maps, and text about the geology of Britain, and the maps; its size is 5 x 7 1/2 ins.

Published in a new edition 'Reynolds's Geological Atlas of Great Britain; comprising a series of maps geologically colored, preceded by a description of the Geological structure of Great Britain, and the Geological features of the several counties of England & Wales, mineral products &c; with sections and views. New edition. London. Published by James Reynolds, 174, Strand. 1864.
The map is reduced by removal of the outer border lines and imprints, the plate number is now in the border, bottom right; the atlas size is 5 x 6 1/4 ins.

Published in a 3rd edition, 1889.
The 3rd edition text has more information, lists fossils in each stratum, and has a tourist guide.

Published in a Geological Atlas of Great Britain, by H B Woodward, published by Stanford, London, 1904.
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example:-  geological map -- HMCMS:FA2000.57
map feature:-  north point & scale line & rivers & harbours & county & settlements & roads & distances from London & canals & railways & geology & geology & location map (showing how this sheet relates to the Geological Survey sheets)
scale line:-  14 miles = 43.9 mm
inscription:-  printed -- upper left HAMPSHIRE.
inscription:-  printed -- bottom London: Published by James Reynolds & Sons, 174, Strand
map type:-  HantsMap -- Reynolds 1860
dimension:-  scale = 1 to 510000 ? (1 to 513230 from scale line assuming statute mile)
wxh, map = 229x170mm
wxh, sheet = 25.5x18.5cm

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reference:-  Reynolds, James: 1860 & 1864 & 1889: Reynolds's Geological Atlas of Great Britain: (London)
Woodward, H B: 1904: Geological Atlas of Great Britain: Stanford (London)
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MN: 20.8.2001
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