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Sanson 1692
Carte de la Manche, Chart of the English Channel, scale about 12 nautical miles to 1 inch, by Nicholas Sanson, published by Alexis Hubert Jaillot, Paris, France, 1692.

Published in 'Atlas Nouveau' 1692, drawing together charts drawn 1636-53.
map feature:-  compass rose & up is N & rhumb lines & labelled borders & lat and long scales & scale line & sea plain & depth soundings & sandbanks & coast shaded (inland) & sea battles & county & settlements (on coast)
inscription:-  printed -on- oval cartouche, lower right CARTE / DE LA / MANCHE. / Faite par ordre du Roy / pour le service de les Armees de Mer. / Reveue et Corrigee Par le Sr. SANSON. / A PARIS / Chez Hubert Jaillot. / 1692.
scale line:-  180 nautical miles = 385.0 mm (60 leagues)
dimension:-  wxh, sheet = 91.5x63.5cm
wxh, map = 808x583mm
scale = 1 to 870000 ? (from scale line)

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reference:-  : 1692: Atlas Nouveau: Jaillot, Alexis Hubert: (Paris, France)
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MN: 1.10.2002
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