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Waghenaer 1583
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Chart, Beschrijvinghe der Zee Custen van Engelandt tuschen Wicht ende Doveren - Map of the Sea Coast of England between Wight and Dover, scale roughly 7.5 miles to 1 inch, engraved by Johannes van Doetecum, 1583, published in Die Spieghel der Zeevaeri - the Mariners Mirror, by Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer, Enchuisen, Netherlands, 1584.
The chart has descriptive text, in Dutch, on the reverse. The chart includes the coast of Hampshire, with Southampton Water, Portsmouth Harbour, etc; Hamtom - Southampton, and Porsmout - Portsmouth, are amongst the places marked.

Published as 'The Sea Coastes of England', amended? by Theodore de Bry, in 'THE MARINERS MIRROUR wherin may playnly be seen the courses, heights, distances, depths, soundings, floods and ebbs, risings of lands, rocks, sands and shoalds, with the marks for th'entrings of the Harboroughs, Havens and Ports of the greatest part of Europe: their several traficks and commodities: Together wth. the Rules and instrume~ts of NAVIGATION. First made & set forth in divers exact Sea Charts, by that famous Navigator LUKE WAGENAR of Enchuisen and now fitted with necessarie additions for the use of Englishmen by ANTHONY ASHLEY. ...' 1588.
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example:-  chart -- HMCMS:FA2001.7
map feature:-  not coloured & title cartouche & strapwork cartouche & compass rose (and rhumb lines) & up is N (about NNW by N) & scale line (spanish and dutch miles) & sea waves & sea monsters & ships & depth soundings & sandbanks & anchorages & coast appearance & rivers & settlements (along the coast)
inscription:-  printed -- title cartouche Beschrijvinghe der Zee Custen van Engelandt / tuschen Wicht ende Doveren, met die princi: / pale havenen ende gedaenten des selu~e Landts. / Doer / Lucas Jansz Wagenaer va~ Enchuijse~. / Cum gratia et Privilegio as decennium.
inscription:-  printed -- lower left Io~es a Doetecu~
map type:-  HantsMap -- Waghenaer 1583
dimension:-  wxh, sheet = 53x39.5cm
wxh, map = 505x321mm
scale = 1 to 470000 ? (crude estimate using the positions of Portsmouth and Dover)

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MN: 23.2.2001
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