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Walker 1822
Map, Hampshire, by James Walker, for Crosby's Complete Pocket Gazetteer of England and Wales, by Benjamin Crosby, edition published 1822.

Published in 'Crosby's Complete Gazetteer of England and Wales, or traveller's Companion. Arranged under the various Descriptions of Local Situation, Public Buildings, Civil Government, Number of Inhabitants,Charitable Institutions, Antiquities and curiosities, Manufactures and Commerce, navigation and Canals, Mineral Springs, Singular Customs, Literary Characters, Amusements, Parishes, Churches, &c. Market days, and fairs, Bankers, Posts, Inns, Coaches and Waggons, Distances from London, Surrounding Towns, Gentlemen's Seats; and Whatever is worthy the attention of Gentlemen or Men of Business throughout the Kingdom. A New Edition, Illustrated by Two Maps. London: Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, Paternoster Row; Simpkin and Marshall, Stationers' Court; and J. Bumpus, Holborn Bars. 1818.' edition of 1822.
The 1822 edition has the 1818 title page. The original edition of 1807 had only two general maps; editions of 1815 and 1818 had no maps; the edition, dated 1822 from internal evidence, had maps of the counties. The maps have the imprint of John Bumpus, 'London, Publish'd May 1st. 1822, by J. Bumpus No.6 Holborn Bars'. The maps are drawn and engraved by J Walker and J Cox.
The maps were altered and published again in a book by Samuel Tymms.

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reference:-  Crosby: 1822: Crosby's Complete Pocket Gazetteer 1818: Baldwin, Cradock and Joy & Simpkin and Marshall & Bumpus, John (London)
Smith, David: 1982: Previously Unknown Pocket Gazetteer Found: Map Collector: no.29: pp.34-35
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