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Wallis 1812
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Map, Hampshire, scale about 9 miles to 1 inch, by James Wallis, London, 1812; published 1812-14.

Published in 'A New and Improved County Atlas. Wallis's New British Atlas containing a complete set of County Maps divided into Hundreds in which are carefully delineated all the Direct and Cross Roads, Cities, towns, Villages, Parks, Seats, Rivers, and Navigable Canals, and a general Map of England and Wales. The whole engraved in the most accurate manner from the latest actual surveys. London: Published by J. Wallis, 1812.'
The atlas size is 10 1/2 x 16 ins.

Published in another edition '... Published by S. A. Oddy, 1812.' probably 1813.
The atlas size is 6 1/2 x 10 ins.

Published as a 'Second Edition with Considerable Improvements & Additions by G. Herbert, Geographer', 'London, Published by J. Wallis 1814'.
One '... Improvement ...' on the 2nd edition is the addition of a meridian, labelled 'Meridian of London', at 0 degrees. As this is really the 2 degree West meridian the label is a bad mistake.
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example:-  map -- HMCMS:FA1998.129
map feature:-  hand coloured & title cartouche (shaded box, overlaying compass rose) & compass rose (cardinal and half cardinal points, but partly obscured, fleur de lys for north) & scale line (12 miles, chequered) & lat and long scales (notice the wrong '0' where it should be '2' degrees) & sea shaded & coast shaded & rivers & relief & hill hachuring & parks & county & hundreds & settlements (graded by lettering and amount of buildings) & roads & turnpike roads & post roads & table of symbols & canals & distances from London
inscription:-  printed -- title cartouche HAMPSHIRE
inscription:-  printed -- bottom centre London Publish'd by S. A. Oddy, 1812.
inscription:-  printed -- below compass rose Engrav'd by J. Wallis.
scale line:-  12 miles = 34.8 mm
map type:-  HantsMap -- Wallis 1812
dimension:-  scale = 1 to 550000 ? (1 to 554946 from scale line assuming modern mile)
scale = 1 to 580000 ? (45 min = 145mm on latitude scale is 1 to 575784)
wxh, sheet = 29.5x20.5cm
wxh, map = 267x177mm
longitude, Winchester = 1d 17.5m W (approx)

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reference:-  Wallis, James: 1812: New and Improved County Atlas & Wallis's New British Atlas: (London)
Wallis, James: 1812: Wallis's New British Atlas: Oddy, S A (London)
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MN: 28.6.2001
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