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The pages are planned, as many sites are, to work without the need for help messages: fond hope.

The basic hint for navigating the main pages is:-
click any button or image to see if it does something.
On index pages in a left frame, the index entries,
words, are the buttons.

This page opens in a new window. You can minimise it onto the toolbar for future reference while using the site.



inactive button HantsMap logo, top left of every page.
Button to the Main menu.

inactive button Browse button, upper left of an information page.
Button to previous or next page in a series.
inactive button Small button, large bullet point, usually in a margin.
Button to the page listed alongside.
inactive button Page button, left/up/right arrows.
Buttons to previous, root, and next pages.
inactive button Map image, thumbnail, screen size, or large.
Nearly all map images are buttons. The thumbnails goto a screen size image with description; screen size images goto large images, BEWARE you may be loading a large file; large images go back to wherever the thumbnail was.

(snips in Map notes are not butons.)



1. The large images of maps presented in these pages are sometimes very large files. The largest may be 1 to 2 Mbytes even in their .jpg compressed form. These files take a significant time to load; be aware of this when calling up the large images.

2. The catalogue of the collection in Identity number order has some large pages, all pages have many thumbnail images and can take a while to load.

3. The tabulated checklist on a single page has many thumbnail images and will take a while to load.

4. If you are running these pages from CD then many large images will appear to be missing. If you arrive at a missing page message, use 'go back', eg Alt+left arrow, to escape the problem.

The total website is so large it is provided on 2 CDs, the second CD has many of the large images. It is best if the contents of the two CDs are loaded onto the PC and run from hard drive not CD.

Each CD has all data, except the html start page, in a folder called hantscat. Copy both these onto c: drive (or a drive of your choice) allowing the contents of folders to be merged.


Main Pages

There are four main groups of pages:-
Map Collection Catalogue entries of items in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service (HMCMS).
Access to all items from a list in Identity number order.
Browsing in date order of map type, includes illustrated maps only.
Checklist of Hampshire Maps List of known maps of the county, plus maps that put Hampshire in its context in England.
Access from a list in date order of map type.
Browsing in date order of map type.
Map Notes More detailed descriptions written about some maps.
Access from the map described, or from a list in filename order.
Map Type Termlist of map type terms, eg:- Norden 1607.
Each entry includes a menu of resources for the map type: maps in the collection; checklist entry; map notes.
Access from a summary termlist.
Browsing in alphanumeric order of map type.