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Kitchin and Jefferys 1749
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Notes from the map of Hamp Shire ie Hampshire, by Thomas Kitchin and Thomas Jefferys, published in the Small English Atlas, London, 1749. The map studied is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA1990.20.1. This version was published by Robert Sayer et al, London, 1775.
map type: HantsMap & Kitchin and Jefferys 1749
The map size is: wxh, sheet = 18x23cm; wxh, plate = 147x184mm; wxh, map = 135x138mm.


Printed at the top is:-
image snip from map

This is plate 18 from the Small English Atlas.

compass rose    
up is N    

image snip from map

Printed upper left is a minimal compass rose; circle, lines for cardinal directions, North marked by a fleur de lys, East by a cross. This is little more than a north point. The map is printed with North at the top of the sheet.

scale line    

Printed lower left is a scale line of:-
image snip from map

English Miles
chequered at 2 miles intervals, labelled at 4 miles intervals. The 8 miles = 18.2 mm gives a scale 1 to 707404 assuming a statute mile. The map scale is about:-
1 to 710000
11 miles to 1 inch

lat and long scales    
image snip from map

Printed in the map borders are scales of latitude and longitude for a rectangular projection; chequered in 2 minute intervals, labelled at 10 minute intervals. The ratio of the length of a minute of latitude to a minute of longitude is about 1.60, matching the 'correct' figure for this latitude, 1.58, fairly well.
Approximately the:-
longitude, Winchester = 1d 11m W
Trusting this, the prime meridian is London, well west of Greenwich. The map includes from 0d 36m to 1d 54m W, 50d 3m to 51d 22m N; Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

sea area    
sea plain    

The sea is plain, with few sea areas labelled, eg:-
Spit Head

coast line    
coast form lines    

image snip from map

The coast line is emphasized by form lines which extend into harbours and river estuaries. A headland might be noticed, eg:-
Hengitsbury Hd. [sic]
Harbours are recognisable, but not labelled. The crowded form lines in the harbours suggest several islands.

coastal defence    

Only a couple of the coastal defence castles are noticed:-
Hurst Ca.
Calshot Cast.


image snip from map

Rivers are drawn by a double line, with form lines where there is room, tapering to a single wiggly line inland. Most of Hampshire's river systems are represented; the Blackwater on the NE boundary seems to have been missed. Accuracy is not all it could be - indeed the whole map feels a little sloppy.
Some bridges are marked by a double line across a river, for example at Redbridge where the bridge over the Test is clearly marked, but not linked to any road. The road is drawn just below, broken by the river. In other places it might be assumed that a road crossing a river implies a bridge. The engraving is very sloppy, a road might be shown 'under' or 'over' a river.


image snip from map

There are a few hillocks in the New Forest to suggest relief. In the hillier parts of Hampshire, except for two hillocks near Beauworth, there is no indication of relief.


A sprinkling of less than a dozen tiny tree symbols is labelled:-
image snip from map

New Forest
Elsewhere there is no indication of woodland.

image snip from map

The county boundary is a dashed line, heavily shaded on the outer side. The area outwith Hampshire is pecked, to throw the county into relief. Dotted lines divide adjacent counties, which are labelled, eg:-
The detached part of Hampshire in Sussex is not shown.
Outside the county, Pool, Salisbury, Farnham and Chichester are shown for the sake of continuity of roads. Pool lies outside the latitude scale in the map border; it was not planned for. The way these places are added to the plot is symptomatic of the poor quality of the map.

image snip from map

Hundred boundaries are dotted lines. The areas are not labelled or numbered.

electoral data    
distances from London    

Settlements are positioned by a circle, differentiated by added symbols and style of lettering. The distance of towns from London is given with the place name. The number of members a place send to Parliament is indicated by stars.
city     circle, buildings and towers; labelled in upright block caps:-
image snip from map

WINCHESTER / 67 [2 stars]

town     circle, building and tower; labelled in upright lowercase text, eg:-
image snip from map

Southampton / 78 [2 stars]
Stockbridge [2 stars]

circle; labelled in italic lowercase text, eg:-
image snip from map

M Wallop

road distances    

image snip from map

A network of roads is drawn by double lines. It is not very clear, but main roads, perhaps turnpike roads, are distinguished by having one line bold. The quality of the engraving is poor; the double line width varies, line weight varies, junctions are a mess, ... Distances from town to town are sometimes indicated by a figure along the road; for example, Alton to Alresford has a '9'.
Some roads are extended outwith the county to a significant town, eg:- Chichester, Farnham, Salisbury, or Poole. Some other roads have their destination labelled, eg:-
29 to Staines
20 M to Godalming
These labels are well inside the county boundary.

Hampshire Main Roads

The more important roads (as well as can be distinguished) in Hampshire are:-
from London; through Staines, Middlesex; and across Surrey; 29 miles (from Staines) via Blackwater, Hartley Row, to Basingstoke, 11 via Laverstoke to Whitchurch, 7 to Andover,then via Amport and Quarley, Hampshire; 17 miles to Salisbury, Wiltshire; and west.
branch from Basingstoke, through Cranburn, Sutton [Scotney], Cranley, Stockbridge, Broughton, East Dean, Hampshire; then [Lopton Corner] and Salisbury, Wiltshire; etc.
from London; through farnham, Surrey; 9 miles to Alton, 9 to Alresford, 7 to Winchester, 16 1/2 to Southampton, Hampshire.
branch from Winchester, 17 1/2 miles via Hursley, Rumsey, Persuite, Wellow, Bonner to Ringwood, Hampshire; [17] miles via Preston to Pool, Dorset.
from London; through Godalming, Surrey; 20 miles via Lippock to Petersfield, Harnden, 8 to Cosham, to Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Hampshire Towns

Of the 'usual' 21 towns there are:-
Christ Church
Fording Bridge

Descriptive Text

At the bottom of the map is a list of towns, markets, fairs:-
This COUNTY contains 1 City, 11 Boroughs, 9 Market Towns.
Alresford, Mt. Th. Fair June 24.
Andover, Sends 2 Memb. Mt. S. Fairs Midlent Sa. May 12. Nov 16.
Basingstoke, Mt. W. Fairs Wed, in Whitsun. Week, Oct. 10.
Christchurch, Sends 2 Memb. Mt. M. Fairs Trin. Thursd. Oct. 19.
Fareham, Mt. W. Fair July 29
Gosport, Mt. Th. Fairs May 4. Oct. 10.
Kingsclear, Mt. T. Fairs 1st. Tu. in Apl. 1st. Tu Aft. Old Michaelm. Oct 10.
Lymington, Sends 2 Memb. Mt. S. Fairs May 12. Oct. 13.
Newport, Sends 2 Memb. Mt. W. Sat. Fair Whit Monday.
Newton, Sends 2 Mem. Fair July 22.
Odiham Mt. S. Fairs Midlent Sat. Jul. 13.
Overton Mt. M. Fairs May 4. Jul. 18. October 22.
Petersfield, Se. 2 Me. Mt. S. Frs. Jul 10. Dec 11.
Portsmouth, Sends 2 Memb. Mt. Th. S. Fair July 10.
Ringwood, Mt. W. Fairs July 10. Dec 11.
Rumsey, Mt. S. Frs. Eas. M. Aug. 26. No.8.
Southampton, Sends 2 Mem. Mt. T. Th. Sat. Fairs April 25.
Stockbridge, Sends 2 Members. Fairs Holy Th. July 10. Octob. 7.
Whitchurch, Sends 2 Memb. Mt. F. Fairs Ap 23 June 20 July 7. Oct 10.
WINCHESTER, Sends 2 Memb. Mt. W. S. Fairs 1st. Mon. in Lent. Oct. 24.
Yarmouth. Sen. 2 Mem. Mt. F. Fair July 25.

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