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Luffman 1803
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These notes are taken from the New Pocket Atlas and Geography of England and Wales, including a map of Hampshire, by John Luffman, 28 Little Bell Alley, Coleman Street, London, 1803, later published by Lackington, Allen and Co, Temple of the Muses, Finsbury Square, London, 1806.
map type: HantsMap & Luffman 1803
The atlases studied are in the collections at the Map Room, British Library, items Maps 1.a.4 and Maps 24.aa.17. Examples of the two preface pages are in the Map collection of Hampshire Cc Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA1998.19.4. The atlas size is: wxh = 10.5x16.5cm.

Atlas Pages

The atlas has title page, preface and explanation, general map of England and Wales, a series of county maps with descriptive texts, and an index map.

Title Page

The title page reads:-
A NEW POCKET ATLAS AND GEOGRAPHY OF ENGLAND AND WALES, Illustrated with Fifty-five Copper plates, shewing all the Great Post Roads with the Towns & Villages situated thereon; Also, A description of the Air, Soil, Productions and Manufactures as well as the number of Hundreds, Cities, Boroughs, Market-towns, Parishes, Houses & Inhabitants. By JOHN LUFFMAN , Geogr.
London. Printed for Lackington, Allen and Co. Temple of the Muses Finsbury Square. 1806


The prefatory pages read:-
GEOGRAPHY, although a Science both useful and entertaining, and absolutely necessary as a Preparatory to the reading of ancient and modern History, is but too often neglected in the education of our Youth.
A knowledge of Geography of our own Country, in particular, must be obvious to everyone.
With a view to this Part of juvenile Education, I have been induced to offer to the Public the following Sheets, elucidated by Maps, that will at once make the Pupil acquainted, not only with the Form and Situation, but with every Particular relative to each County. The number of Houses, and the Population, is abstracted from the Census taken by order of Government in the Years 1801 and 1802, and printed for the use of the Members of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The Index Map is added in order to shew the relative position of one County with another, and their Situation by Compass from London.
Every Effort has been made to unite Elegance with Utility, and to render this Work equally acceptable to the Traveller and the Student.
March, 1803.

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