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These notes are made from the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Hampshire, surveyed by Thomas Milne, published by William Faden, Charing Cross, London, 1791. The item studied is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museum Service, item HMCMS:FA1998.124.
map type: HantsMap & Milne 1791
These notes concern Hampshire; the Isle of Wight is not studied in detail.
The map is sectioned for folding, mounted, folded and kept in a slip case. This makes the use of the map much easier; but it makes detail measurement of the map or scanned images very difficult.
The notes are broken into manageable sections:-

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button map features; title, inset maps, vignettes, orientation, compass rose, scale line, scale, lat and long scales, table of symbols. -- MLN1FTR1.txt
button map features; sea, depth soundings, sandbanks, buoys and sea marks, coast, coastal defence, castles, fortifications, rivers, ponds, ferries, bridges, relief, beacons. -- MLN1FTR2.txt
button map features; woods, trees, forests, parks. -- MLN1FTR3.txt
button map features; county, hundreds, settlements, roads, road distances, distances from London, milestones, turnpikes, direction posts. -- MLN1FTR4.txt
button map features; canals. -- MLN1FTR5.txt
button map features, miscellaneous; antiquities, schools, inns, smithies, water mills, windmills, salterns, brickworks, quarries, lime kilns, chalk pits, ironworks, race courses, fishing, may poles, gallows. -- MLN1FTR6.txt
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HantsMap Notes -- MILNE1.txt
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last edit: 18.10.2002