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Morden 1708
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These notes are made from a copy of a map of Hampshire by Robert Morden, about 1693 published about 1701, amended by Herman Moll and published again 1708. The map studied is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA1998.23.1.
map type: HantsMap & Morden 1708
This is the 'smaller' county map by Robert Morden thought to have been drawn before about 1693 for Camden's Britannia but rejected in favour of a larger map. The 'new proposals' for the Camden Atlas, published 1693:-
THE Maps mentioned in the former Proposals (though they were Design'd according to the newest Surveys very Correct, and contained all the Towns that were mentioned in Cambden's yet) were not thought Large and Comprehensive enough, by some Judicious and Ingenious Gentlemen that assist in the Work, Who think it proper and Necessary to have the Maps of every County full as Large as this Sheet will admit, ...
The smaller map of Hampshire was published by Morden in
Britannia et Hibernia, Antiqua et Nova
in 1701. The version of the map in the Map Collection is from the plate amended by Herman Moll about 1708, in particular having a compass rose added. By then Morden had died, in 1703. The Map Collection copy was folded in text pages torn from the atlas as published by Thomas Cox, 1720-31. The sheet size is about 332x224mm, this was tipped in and folded in the atlas; plate size 169x209mm, map size to outer borders 167x206mm. The page size of the book is 173x224mm. This text is transcribed:-
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title cartouche    

Plain box:-
image snip from map

HAMPSHIRE by Robt. Morden.
Printed lower left:-
Sutton Nicholls sculp.

compass rose    

image snip from map

Added by Herman Moll, 1708; circle with lines for cardinal points, North marked by a fleur de lsy, East by a cross.

lat and long scales    
hours from Greenwich    

image snip from map

Left, bottom and right margins, chequered in 5 minutes, marked at degrees and 10 minute intervals.
Top margin
image snip from map

Minutes of Time
marked III, IIII, V, VI.

scale lines    

image snip from map

3 scale lines, each 10 miles with divisions at 1 mile intervals, marked at 5 and 10.
A Scale of 10 Miles / Great / Midle / Smal
10 Great Miles=38.4mm, scale 1 to 419100; 10 Midle Miles=36.2mm, 1 to 444570; 10 Smal Miles=34.1mm, 1 to 471948; all on the bad assumption of a modern statute mile; average scale about:-
1 to 445000
7 miles to 1 inch

coast line    
coast shaded    

image snip from map

Sea coast shown by horizontal shading carried into harbours and river mouths. Hurst and Calshot Castles are shown on sandbanks, pecked.
Hengistbury, Spit and Rams Heads are named.
Harbours are not named.

coastal defence    

circle and flag, eg:-
St Andrews C
tower and flag, eg:-
image snip from map

Hurst C.
Calshot C


image snip from map

Rivers are shown by wiggly lines, tapering inland, perhaps starting as a double line, perhaps shaded in broad reaches. Braiding is shown south of Stockbridge and in other places. Some rivers are named, eg:-
Stour R
Test R ol Anton
Itchin R or Alre
A lake is shown at Highclere.
image snip from map

Bridges are shown here and there. Their inclusion is confused by the possible addition of roads by Moll, 1708. (The earlier version is not available in the Map Collection for comparison.) Some are marked more neatly than others.
A dotted double line is drawn across
Hampton Water
continuing the line of a road. Considering how it defaces other marks this probably added by Moll? The ferry is named:-
image snip from map

Hith Ferry


Very few hills are drawn; groups of hillocks east of Winchester, and by Quarley. The latter labelled:-
image snip from map

Quarley & Hills
Butser hill
is labelled but no hill shown.

Woods, forests, trees, are not shown. But:-
Test wood
is labelled.

image snip from map

Parks are shown by a small ring of fence palings, for example at Hursley.

image snip from map

The county boundary is given by a dotted line. The surrounding counties are labelled in plain lettering.

table of hundreds    

image snip from map

Hundred boundaries are indicated by dashed lines, the hundred labelled with a number referring to a table upper left:-
Hundreds in Hamp Shire

Settlements are positioned by a circle; added elements grading them for importance.
city     circle, towers, cross; upright block cap lettering, ie:-
image snip from map

Chichester has no cross, but is outwith the county ...

town     circle and tower; upright lowercase lettering
image snip from map

An old name might be given, eg:-
Ringwood ol Regnum
Silcester Old Vindonum
Southampton Clausentum
Some towns have 1 or 2 stars attached to their symbol which probable indicate which are boroughs sending Members to Parliament. (The number of stars does not, as it does elsewhere, indicate the number of Members.)

village     circle; italic lowercase lettering
image snip from map

There may be some variation in lettering size but it does not look a reliable guide to importance.
A circle and name might be used for any feature.
A name might not have a circle, perhaps marking a feature which is not a settlement, eg:-
Onion Hole
by Silchester, referring to the finds of onion pennies here, mentioned by William Camden.

image snip from map

Roads are shown by a double line. It is believed that some of the roads in this version of the map were added by Herman Moll about 1708, even though some were drawn by Morden about 1690s. The roads appear to be confused, perhaps from their dual authorship.
Roads are labelled to show where they go, out of the county; some of this labelling is upsidedown! eg:-
image snip from map

to Senan
to Pool
The labelling seems to have been started on the east side of the county, and the map rotated as each label was added: when the west of the map is reached, it is upsidedown.
Route diagram:-     see:- MRD1RTE.txt


Just by Lymington is:-
image snip from map


copperas works    
On the south west coast of the county is:-
image snip from map

Bascomb Coperas

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