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These brief notes are about the County Series maps of Hampshire, published by the Ordnance Survey from 1870s.
map type: HantsMap & OS 1870s County Series
This series of maps is drawn at 6 inch and 25 inch to 1 mile scales, and has three basic types of sheet:-
6 inch, full sheet    
1 to 10560
6 inches to 1 mile
sheet size 36x24 ins, representing 6 miles x 4 miles.
sheet number on pattern:-
[county] [number]
Hants 24
the number are generally in roman numerals, but arabic numerals are used in these notes. Amendments in the series produced some sheet numbers like '46A'.

6 inch, quarter sheet    
1 to 10560
6 inches to 1 mile
sheets size 18x12 ins, repesenting 3 miles x 2 miles.
sheet number on pattern:-
[county] [number][quarter]
Hants 24SW

25 inch sheet    
1 to 2500
25 inches to 1 mile
sheet size about 37.5x25 inches. representing 1.5 mile x 1 mile; note that 1 square inch is about 1 acre of ground.
sheet number on pattern:-
[county] [number].[number]
Hants 24.7
The first number is the 6 inch full sheet number; the second number is a serial number of sixteen cells numbered from top left to bottom right.


The sheets for Hampshire are listed in tables of data which are presented here in rows (Isle of Wight not included):-

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