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Pinnock 1833
to 1st map described 


These notes are taken from the map of Hampshire engraved S Hall, Bury Street, Bloomsbury, published in Pinnock's Guide to Knowledge, by W Edwards, Ave Maria Lane, London, about 1833. The item studied is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA1998.159.
map type: HantsMap & Pinnock 1833
The map is printed reversed out, ie white on black. This makes it very recognisable; but makes it difficult to read.


title cartouche    
map maker    

Printed upper left in a plain cartouche is:-
image snip from map

and beneath this:-
Engraved by S. Hall Bury Street Bloomsbury.
Printed lower right:-
Published by W. Edwards, Ave Maria Lane.

coat of arms    
image snip from map

Printed on the left is the coat of arms of the City of Winchester.

north point    
up is N    

image snip from map

Printed lower right is a north point, N-S line, E-W cross line, North marked by a spear point. The map is printed with North at the top of the sheet.

scale line    

image snip from map

Printed upper left, beneath the title is a scale of:-
English Miles
chequered in miles to 2 miles, then at 2 mile intervals, labelled 1, 2, 4, 6, ... The 16 miles = 41.3 mm gives a scale 1 to 623475 assuming a statue miles. The map scale is about:-
1 to 620000
10 miles to 1 inch

lat and long scales    
image snip from map

Printed in the map borders are scales of latitude and longitude for a rectangular projection. The bottom scale is labelled:-
Longitude West from Greenwich
Reading as well as possible from the map the:-
longitude, Winchester = 1d 18.9m W
which is close to the accepted value, 1d 18.5m W. The ratio of latitude to longitude scales is 1.60, close to the value, 1.58 at 51dN, to make a 'square' map.
The map includes from 0d 29m to 2d 14m W, from 50d 37m to 51d 22m N; the whole of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and some adjacent parts east and west.

sea area    
sea plain    

The sea area is plain, the black background. Some areas are labelled, eg:-
Southampton Water
Harbours are not particularly noticed, only:-
Portsmh. Harb.
is labelled.

coast line    

image snip from map

The coast line is not emphasised. Some headlands are noticed, eg:-
Hengistbury Hd.
Needs Oar Pt.
Harbours are not particularly noticed, only:-
Portsmh. Harb.
is labelled.

coastal defence    

Only a few of the coastal defences are shown, just the some of the old castles:-
Hurst Cas.
Calshot Castle
Southsea Cas.
Also notice:-
Haslar Hosp.

Rivers are drawn by a wiggly line tapering inland. Some braiding is shown. A few rivers are labelled, eg:-
image snip from map

Avon R
Test R
Blackwater R.
Printed white on black, it is not easy to follow river courses, or even to find rivers. Not all the main river systems of the county are shown; no Rother, no Enborne, for examples.

Relief is not indicated.

Some parks are drawn in outline, with a pecked interior. None appear to be labelled.

image snip from map

The county boundary is a dash dot line. The detached part of the county in Sussex is shown, but not labelled. Adjacent counties are labelled, eg:-
A few settlements and roads are drawn outwith Hampshire for the sake of continuity.

image snip from map

Hundreds are bounded by dotted lines; the areas numbered. The key list for the numbers is not printed on the map sheet.

electoral data    
There is a dash dot boundary across the county which is probably the line between North Division and South Division created by the Reform Act 1832.

distances from London    

Settlements are marked by a few blocks and/or a cross (+), differentiated by style of labelling.
city     perhaps some blocks, and a grid of roads pretending to be a street map; labelled in upright block caps:-
image snip from map


town     a few blocks and perhaps a cross for a church; labelled in upright lowercase text, eg:-
image snip from map

Alton / 47
Southampton / 74
54 / Petersfield
The distance from London accompanies the place name.

village     a cross, and maybe a block or two; labelled in italic lowercase text, eg:-
image snip from map

Hartley Maudit
Upper Wallop

image snip from map

There is a network of roads drawn by a double line, light bold. On this small map these are probably all turnpike roads? Roads are extended outwith the county to nearby towns.

Canals are drawn by a bold (white) curvy line, and might be labelled, eg:-
Basingstoke Can.
It is possible to recognise the Basingstoke Canal, Andover Canal, Salisbury and Southampton Canal.

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