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These notes are made from the Atlas of England and Wales by Christopher Saxton, published 1579. The copy seen is in the collections of Birmingham Central Library, call number E094/1579/10.
Saxton, Christopher: 1579: Atlas of the Counties of England and Wales: (London)

map type: HantsMap & Saxton 1575


The title page includes a picture of Elizabeth I on a throne, the royal coat of arms with lion and dragon supporters, etc. There are surveying and other instruments; armillary sphere, globe, dividers, fore staff, ...
'q' followed by what looks like a [yoch?] is transcribed as 'que'.
Ano. Dn~i 1579
Clemens et Regni moderatrix iusta Brita~ni / Hac forma insigni conspicienda nitet.
Tristia dum gentes circum omnes bella fatigant, / Caecique errores toto grassantur in orbe. / pace beas longa, Vera et pietate Britannos: / lusticia moderans mili sapienter habenas. / Chara domi, celebrisque foris, longaeucique regnu~ / Hic teneas, regno tandem fruitura perenni.
There is a tabulated list of towns etc, headed:-
CATALOGUS Urbiu~, Episco~, oppido Merca~, Castro~, Eccle, parochialiu~, Fluvi~ illustriu~, Pontiu~, Lucoru~, Saltoru~, Septoruque omniu~, quae per / totum Anglia~ Wallia~que in Unoquoque comitatu continentur, quemadmodu~ suis locis in Chirographicis Angliae Walliaeque tabulis ([ubiscuu~] cuique nome~ adijcitur) / illustrissime referentur. Numerus Vero eorum omnium quae in hac serie colliguntur, ad imum huius indicis designatur, sicuti infra videre licet.
Column headings (slashes added):-
Comitatus / Urbiu~ / Episc: / Op: M: / Castr: / Ec: Pa: / Fluvi Pon: / Luco: Salto: / Septo:
one line is:-
Southamptonia / 001 / 001 / 018 / 005 / 248 / 004 / 031 / 000 / 009 / 029
Thus Hampshire is said to have 1 city, 1 see, 18 market towns, 5 castles, 248 parishes, 4 rivers, 31 bridges, 0 lakes(?), 9 forests(?), 29 parks.
The atlas includes a map of England and Wales, 'Anglia', 1579.

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