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These notes are made from the map of Hampshire in the atlas published by Lea using Saxton's plates:-
Saxton, Christopher & Lea, Philip: 1695 (about): Shires of England and Wales: Lea, Philip (London)
The copy of the atlas studied is in the library of the National Maritime Museum; call number E6837. The notes are brief; the reason for studying the map was to see what roads had been added by Lea, other matter was incidental, and detail notes can wait until we have a copy of the map in the HMCMS Map Collection.
map type: HantsMap & Lea 1689


strapwork cartouche    

The title of the map is printed in a strapwork cartouche, middle right:-
HAMPSHIRE / by / C: Saxton Corected & many / Aditions by P: Lea

coat of arms    
Coats of arms of local noblemen are added to the map.
Seckford's coat of arms has been removed.
A new royal coat of arms is added.

index grid    
Although the grid is not drawn across the map there are letters a..m across the top and a..n down the side, for indexing the county area.

town plan    
The original map title cartouche etc have been erased; it is possible to see some of the 'rubbed out' engraved lines. This makes space for a town plan, like the one on Speed's map of the county.

Hundred boundaries are added, with the hundred names in the areas on the map.

A network of roads, graded as larger or smaller roads by having a double or single engraved line.


The added roads have been sketched on a pale copy of Saxton's original map. In making this sketch it was noticed that the engraved road line passed through some places, by others, and generally attempted not to confuse the appearance of the map. I do not believe that the going or not going through can be relied on as an indication of what the road did. It is clear that the road was added as a route from place to place, not as an accurately surveyed map element.
The road do use the bridges that were marked on Saxton's original map. I have indicated these on the sketch by a circle around the bridge where the road uses it.
Places on the map that the road definitely seems to go through are emphasised with a spot. Some of these places are not on the original map and Lea's place name is added to the sketch.
A few other incidental additions by Lea have been noticed on the sketch - but these are not a complete or reliable note of differences between the original and edited maps.

Main Roads

There are two main roads shown:-
from Bagshot, Surrey; through Blakwater, over the Newmill flu: (River Hart), Hertleyrow, Newnham, Basingstoke, Wotton (St Lawrence), Malshanger, Polhampton, Laverstoke, Whitchurch, Hurseborn (Hurstborne), Andover, Midle Wallop, Hampshire; to Sarum, Wiltshire, and westwards.
from eastwards to Gylforde, through Godalmynge, Thursley, Surrey; then Lippock, Hampshire; in and out of West Sussex and Hampshire; through Petersfelde, Heat house, Harnden, Portesbridge, Kings T, to Portesmouth, Hampshire.

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