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Sporting Review 1842
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These notes are made from a Map of the Meets of the Hampshire Hounds, published by I Mitchell, 33 Old Bond Street, London, for the Sporting Review, 1 March 1842. The map studied is in the Map Collection of Hampshire CC Museums Service, item HMCMS:FA2001.109.
map type: HantsMap & Sporting Review 1842
The map does not cover the whole county. The towns included, giving an idea of its coverage, are:- Whitchurch, Basingstoke, Odiham, Alton, Alresford, Petersfield, Winchester, Bishops Waltham.


up is N    

Up on the page is north.

scale line    

The map has a scale line:-
Scale of English Miles
a line with mile marks, laballed 1..5, 5 miles = 24.4 mm, giving a scale 1 to 329784, ie the map scale is about:-
1 to 330000
5 miles to 1 inch


Rivers are drawn by bold wiggly lines with some indications of braiding. Tributaries are included fairly carefully, but no river is named. A few ponds are shown, for example at the head of the Candovers Stream.
BRidges are not drawn, but where roads cross rivers they interupt the drawing of the river.

No woods are drawn.

No relief is shown.
Some downs are labelled as places of hunt meets, eg:-
Northington Down

Parks are not infrequent in the names of meeting places of the hunt, eg:-
Brookwood Park

The county boundary with West Sussex is a dotted line. The neighbouring county is labelled:=-
and the county od the map is:-

Settlements are shown by groups of blocks, clustered on roads as appropriat; lettering style differentiates the size of place.
city     Group of blocks, a suggestion of streets; labelled in upright block caps:-

town     Group of blocks on roads; labelled in upright lowercase text, eg:-

village     Perhaps one or two blocks; labelled in lowercase italic text, eg:-

house     Houses are mentioned as places of hunt meets, eg:-
Herriard House

Roads are shown by a double line, in two grades; major roads with a broader light bold pair of lines, smaller roads narrower light lines.

Railways were very new to Hampshire when this map was published. Two lines are shown:-
London and South Western Railway
ie the London to Southampton line, shown from near where it enters the county to about Bishopstoke. And:-
Gosport Junction Railway
the Bishopstoke to Gosport branch railway.

A couple of inns get a mention as places of a meet. Eg:-
Lunway's Inn


hunt meets    
The meets of the Hampshire Hounds are marked by crosses (X), labelled with a name and a figure for the miles from Alresford. The hounds' kennels were at Cheriton near that town. Examples:-
Greywell Hill 20
Rotherfield Park 8
Four Lanes Beauworth 5
etc. The hunts are listed in an accompanying descriptive text.


The accompanying descriptive text, a page torn from the magazine, is with the map in the Map Collection:-
The kennels of the Hampshire, or H.H., are situated at Cheriton, near Alresford. This country, till within the last three or four years, has been hunted by Mr. Villebois, than whom no master of hounds was held in higher respect. On his decease, Major Barret, his brother-in-law, took the management, and, after a time, it fell into the hands of a committee, Major Barret continuing at their head. The name of their present huntsman is Shirley, who was first whip to them under Foster, Mr. Villebois's old huntsman, who retired two years ago. The H.H. country is bounded by Sir John Cope, on the north; the Hursley, on the west; the Hambledon on the south; and Colonel Wyndham on the east; it is very extensive, as the map will shew. They hunt four times a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Major Barret has succeeded in making himself very popular, which speaks much for the successor of such a man as the late Mr. Villebois. We are much indepted to the courtesy of the Major, in giving all information requisite for bringing out this Map.

The Meets of the H.H., with their distances in Miles from Alresford.

Bentley Green 17
Sutton Common 18
Five Lanes Holybourne 15
South Warnborough 17
Greywell Hill 20
Upton Gray 17
Weston Common 14
Tunworth Down 18
Cliddesden 15
Farley Park 14
Kempsholt Park 15
Nutley Church 12
Herriard House 13
Herriard Common 11
Lasham Village 12
Theddon Grange 11
Medstead Green 8
Windmill Hill 7
Preston Oakhills 10
Bradley 10
Chilton Old House 9
Preston House 9
Loudon Lodge, Stratton Park 10
Lunway's Inn 7
Northington Down 6
Abbotston Down 4
Minchin's Barn 4
Atkin's Lone Barn, Beckett's Down 8
Candover Church 6
Ilsfield Down 10
Anchor, Ropley 3
Bramdean Common 3 1/2
Brookwood Park 5
Hinton House 4

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