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Ogilby 1675
map type 'Ogilby 1675'
SN: Road strip maps, 10 plates with sections in Hampshire, by John Ogilby, London, 1675.

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items:-  in Map Collection and private collections
button HMCMS:FA1991.5 -- strip map (pl.25)
button HMCMS:FA1991.6 -- reproduction atlas
button HMCMS:FA1997.3 -- strip map (pl.97) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1997.7 -- strip map (pl.25) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1997.8 -- strip map (pl.30) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1998.1 -- strip map (pl.53) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1998.2 -- strip map (pl.81) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1998.21 -- descriptive text (pl.51?)
button HMCMS:FA1998.22 -- descriptive text
button HMCMS:FA1998.166 -- strip map (pl.39) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1998.167 -- descriptive text (pl.39)
button HMCMS:FA1998.172 -- strip map (pl.32) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1998.173 -- strip map (pl.83) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1998.174 -- strip map (pl.26) (illustated)
button HMCMS:FA1998.218 -- reproduction atlas
button HMCMS:FA2002.77 -- frontispiece (illustated)
button HMCMS:KD1996.7 -- strip map (pl.51) (illustated)
button private collection (15) -- road map (illustated)
button private collection (35) -- road map (illustated)
button private collection (39) -- title page (illustated)
button map notes -- OGILBY1.txt
button map notes -- OGILBY2.txt
button map notes -- OGILBY3.txt
button map notes -- OGILBY6.txt
button map notes -- OGILBY8.txt
button map notes -- OGILBY9.txt
button map notes -- OGILBY10.txt
button map notes -- OGY1PLC.txt

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